'Aid to the Church in Need' Calls Supporters to Stand Outside Parliament in Solidarity with Iraqi Christians

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The Transalpine Redemptorists report that Islamic fighters invaded Mar Mattai monastery on Sunday, and expelled the community of Syriac Catholic monks and their lay-helpers. The monastery, 20-miles north-east of Ninevah is one of Iraq's best known Christian landmarks. The Islamists refused the community any extra time to rescue the monastery's relics and told them to leave immediately on foot. This monastery was first founded in 363 A.D. by the hermit Mar Mattai. It is famous for it's magnificent library which contains many Syriac manuscripts. 

Other reports suggest that a 1,800 year-old Syrian Catholic church in Mosul has been burned down by the Islamists. Christian symbols, such as crosses, around Mosul have been replaced by the black flag of the Islamic State, and ancient scrolls, books and other Christian artefacts have been destroyed. This is in addition to the murders, rapes and other attacks on churches that we spoke of at the weekend.

Neville Kyrke-Smith, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need in the UK, has appealed for people to join in an act of solidarity with Iraqi Christians, outside Parliament, this coming Saturday 26th June, 2014. This event has been organised following the news that some 1,500 Christians, who were still in Mosul, had been forced to leave at the weekend to avoid Islamist threats of murder by 'the sword'. 
As Christians struggled away on foot, Mr. Kyrke-Smith explained: ''This is an exodus in anguish as Christians flee terror into exile from their ancient homelands, where for centuries they have built understanding and trust between different communities... Like Biblical times, we cry with them 'by the waters of Babylon' with tears and prayers.''

Neville Kyrke-Smith invites anyone who cannot make it into London on Saturday, to pray the Angelus to Our Blessed Lady, wherever they happen to be at 12 noon, for the suffering Christians in the Middle East.

The London demonstration of prayer wil be led by Syrian Catholic Msgr. Nizar Semaan, Chaldean Catholic Fr. Nadheer and Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Toma Dawood. Iraqi Christians in London, Birmingham and Cardiff have pledged support.

Torch of The Faith will not be able to get to London on Saturday, but we will join in prayer with the Rosary and invite our readers to do the same.
Update: We are delighted to learn that the two religious sisters that had been kidnapped in Mosul with three friends have been released - May God be praised!    

The Social Reign of Jesus Christ the King - Beginning in Your Hearts and Homes

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Many sincere Catholics are struggling under the crosses of their own problems, the irreverent and widespread subversion of faith and morals, and the pressures of aggresive secularism. For those unable to get to a reverent Mass, or to find fellowship with like-minded souls, this can be an intensely painful experience.

At the same time, such people are often sensing the still, small voice of the Lord, drawing them into a deeper union with Him. It is a call as peaceful as it is persistent. Such souls experience a growing desire for silence and interiority, but are not sure of where to begin, or if they even can.

Perhaps the first thing to do, is to give thanks and praise to God for such a gift. Gratitude can be increased by consideration of the rarity of this gift's bestowal in the current neo-pagan atmosphere.

For those hearing this interior call of the Lord, there is a book which they may find helpful in responding to God's grace. We speak of Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey's 20 Holy Hours.
Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC., penned this wonderful text, many years ago, on his knees. Please do not be put off by this minimalist cover on our copy. Pauline Books and Media reprinted the book from the late 70's to early 90's with this version which clearly lacks a Corporal and candles for the Monstrance. Older versions with beautiful imagery are harder to obtain in the UK, but may be found more easily by readers in North America. It is worth getting hold of any copy available, because the entire textual content is a rich and orthodox expression of traditional Catholic devotion. 

In Fr. Mateo's own words, the book's pages were written: 'to be an intimate and fervent supplication, expressing our longing for a greater intimacy with Jesus, offering Him a living atonement for our sins and especially the sins of ingratitude and the easy-going ways of many formalistic friends.'
In drawing closer to the Eucharistic Jesus, Whose Sacred Heart beats from the Tabernacle with love for each and every person, the 20 Holy Hours of this book can be especially helpful. Through them, Jesus invites the reader to enter into His Divine Love, to rest their head and heart on His, and to enter into a deep union with Him. The present sufferings of our readers are not in vain. They can be a fertile source for reparatory love of the Saviour. We do not speak here of a retreat into 'Quietism', but of an active entry into deep prayer in the Lord. Union with the Lord is the foundation of any effective and fruitful apostolate. As we consider the urgency of events in the Church and the world at this time, it is clear how imperative it is that this call is answered by those sensing it in their hearts.

The Most Rev. Edwin V. Byrne, Late Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, reflected in his foreword to Fr. Crawley-Boevey's book: 'The Holy Hour is an hour of reparation. How badly and urgently we need to make reparation! How offended and saddended must Our Lord's Heart be at the sight of so many sins and crimes committed by enemies and friends alike, by nations and by individuals! We can almost hear the lament of a Heart torn by the ingratitude of those He loves, ''Why do you persecute Me? What have I done to you''
''Our Blessed Lady has left us the legacy of Her quiet. If we are to live as children of God, we must be careful not to subsitute a great deal of ''doing'' for a great lack of ''being.'' In the quiet of the night hour of adoration in the home we will learn the secrets of the King and gain open entrance to His Heart. And gradually, we will understand His Love and then cry out, not only that we love Him, but in simple wonder say, ''Oh! how He loves us!''

We at Torch of The Faith suggest that, if you desire the Social Reign of Jesus Christ the Universal King, and yet you also discern the call to sanctify your own heart and home, as a place of holy refuge and reparation, then 20 Holy Hours by Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey can be a most hepful resource. By entering into the Heart of Christ, your sufferings will find new meaning, you will derive strength to carry your crosses, and your loneliness will be transformed into aloneness with the Blessed Trinity. And the grace of Baptism, continued through the state of grace, means that one is never truly alone.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus - May Your Kingdom Come!

Please Pray - Remaining Christians in Mosul Told to Leave, Convert or Die

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Yesterday the remaining Christian families in Mosul were given the stark choice by ISIS terrorists to leave the city, convert to Islam or die.

Chaldean Auxiliary Archbishop Saad Sirop of Baghdad has told Aid to the Church in Need that, as the desperate Christian families in Mosul tried to flee in their cars, they were stopped at checkpoints by militias, looted of their belongings and forced to continue on foot. The shocked Archbishop has appealed for Western governments to put pressure on the Iraqi government to find practical solutions and help. So far, there is little coverage of these events on Western 'mainstream' media.

ISIS gunmen have been knocking on doors to ask residents if they know of any Christians living in the area. Deserted homes of Christians have been marked with the letter ''N'', ''Nazarat''. This word - meaning ''Nazarene'' - is the contemptuous word Muslims have given Christians since the invasion of Christian lands in the 7th-Century. It is being used to identify Christian homes that have been targeted for requisition by ISIS. These will be handed over to Sunni families uprooted from other areas. Homes of ousted Shiites are also being marked for occupation. 

The last Christians in Mosul were told that if they did not leave their home city by noon today, then they would face 'the sword'.

Earlier this month, ISIS radicals burned 11 churches and monasteries, out of the 35 scattered across the ancient city. They toppled the statue of Our Lady from the Chaldean Church of the Immaculate Conception and also destroyed the historic tomb of the prophet Jonah. As we noted on Sunday, two religious sisters went missing from the city a few weeks ago. ISIS terrorists have murdered and raped Iraqi Christians. Muslims of other groups have also been killed. 

These disturbing events are another portentous sign of the times through which we are living. Please pray for the poor Christians being directly targeted in Iraq and for all other people who are suffering from violence and injustice there at this time. We also pray for the conversion of those who choose to be the enemies of Christ.     

Sad Day for Britain - House of Lords Vote in Favour of Falconer's Bill at Second Reading

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'Care' Minister Norman Lamb - Supports Helping the Vulnerable to Kill Themselves...

The House of Lords has sadly voted to let Falconer's Bill proceed on to the committee stage after its second reading.

Yesterday we reported that the Orwellian-sounding, Care Minister, Norman Lamb had 'changed his mind' in favour of Falconer's Bill, at the last minute. We noted that this was particularly disturbing in light of the fact that he is the Cabinet minister responsible for providing care to people with dementia and other serious disabilities.

We have just read a timely article by Dr. Peter Saunders, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, which discusses Mr. Lamb's consideration of 'Assisted Suicide' as a 'treatment option for elderly and disabled people.'

It is clear to anyone with eyes to see the direction in which this is all headed. How will any elderly or disabled person feel valued - or even safe - in a society which encourages such persons to die as a form of 'treatment?'

We also learned this evening that a fully developed child of 39-weeks gestation has been aborted in Britain, because the baby was at 'significant risk' of being born with a disability.

Of course, the murder of a child at any stage in the womb must be firmly condemned. However, the very late stage of this child demonstrates just how far our society is now prepared to go to be rid of the vulnerable and the weak. It does not bode well for any of us.

We must pray and bear even more public witness to Jesus Christ and to the dignity of the human person. The use of arguments from reason is essential, but these must also be accompanied with a strong and clear Christian witness. This is especially true because our society, having first abandoned its faith, is now losing all reason. The nation has fallen sick and wants to embrace death. Only Christ can restore it to health.

The Real Happy Death is the Holy Death

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In the traditional calendar, today is the Feast of St. Camillus. Fr. Camillus de Lellis was a remarkable Italian priest, who founded an order dedicated to the care of the sick and dying. So successful was the apostolate of his community, that they became popularly known as 'The Fathers of a Happy Death.' It is remarkable that he is celebrated on a day when the House of Lords will debate and vote on Lord Falconer's deadly euthanasia Bill.

This gives us an opportunity to reflect on the purpose of life here on earth. The old 'Penny Catechism' reminded catechumens that God made us to: 'know, love and serve Him in this life and be happy with Him forever in the next.' St. Camillus proclaimed a similar teaching: 'Think well. Speak well. Do well. These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to Heaven.'

In the 1600's, the word euthanasia referred to the ideal of the 'Good/Happy Death.' The word takes its origins from the language of Classical Greece; wherein eu meant good and thanatos meant death). It is important to remember that much of the culture of Europe, in the early 17th Century, was still thoroughly Catholic, and the Happy Death thus expressed the aim of the Holy Death. That is to say, a death fortified by the sacraments of the Catholic Church, through a good Confession, Anointing, Holy Communion where possible, and final prayers of commendation of the soul to God. St. Camillus, who lived from 1550 - 1614, cared for the whole person; he and his brethren provided medical attention for the body and spiritual care for the soul. The Happy Death his men desired for patients was thus the Holy Death in God's friendship. This is far removed from present-day conceptions of euthanasia as the killing of the vulnerable or 'assisted suicide'.

Our post-modern culture is leaving many people feeling lost and lonely. This is exacerbated by cruel hurts caused by the loss of reverence for God and for the human person. A culture which rejoices in lust ignores the trail of broken hearts, lives and marriages it leaves behind. A couple of years ago we met a good lady who had been very badly hurt in life. She told us that, if she were ever diagnosed with Cancer, she would lock herself away from everyone with plenty of champagne and cigarettes. 

Such an approach would contrast strongly with that of our forebears. For example, in the monasteries, which did so much to build and revitalize our civilization, the monks would be summoned by a loud wooden 'clapper' when a brother was close to death. This meant that the community would rush to be together at the moment of death. Thus gathered, they would pray for the immortal soul of the dying monk and sing a Te Deum over him. This practice is the origin of our expression 'to run like the clappers!' The Holy Death of Catholic Tradition protects us from loneliness and despair in our last moments, prepares and strengthens us to enter the Presence of God, and gives lasting comfort to those left behind. Obituaries in the Liverpool Echo used to contain many examples of the comforting phrase: 'Was fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Church.'

In my lifetime, I have been blessed to witness the Holy Death of two of my closest loved ones.

In September 2011, my best friend outside of my own family died. Fr. Michael Williams and I had been close friends for over 15 years and our friendship had been deepened and forged through suffering together in the anti-Catholic persecution which prevailed in Ushaw Seminary in the late 1990's. I used to think and speak of Fr. Mike as though he were my own brother.
Fr. Mike died a very holy death with his family and friends supporting him on the Feast of St. Michael and the Angels. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass had been offered in his room several hours before he went home to God. The Holy Rosary was prayed over him and he was given the final prayers of the Church, by Fr. Michael McCormack, at the very moment he left this life. In the minutes that followed, Fr. Mike looked very holy and a deep peace was in the room. I actually felt happy for him at that point, knowing how much he loved God and Our Lady. Life would never be the same without the support of his wise counsel, strong Catholic conviction, deep prayer life, and amazing sense of humour. One can experience the darkest temptations, such as atheism, in such times. However, the memory of the holiness of Mike's passing was a strong witness to the presence of God in our lives and to the truths of our holy religion.

Just a few months later my dear dad Ken was diagnosed with Cancer of the stomach. Dad was another amazing Catholic witness, having converted in 1989 after a long search for the truth.
Dad's final months were a brutal crucifixion for him and for us all as a family. However, we had the comfort and joy of the Catholic Faith. 

Dad also was blessed by a Holy Death with all his family around him. He had made his Confession, received Holy Communion and been Anointed a few days before. Seconds prior to receiving Jesus for the last time in this world, he made a moving public act of contrition for the sins of his life and stated his acceptance of his death to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. A few hours before he died, he was given the Apostolic Pardon.

Through Dad's final night he held on to his Brown Scapular and Benedictine Crucifix. We had a blessed candle in the room and prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy repeatedly. Whenever he became agitated, we put Holy Water on him and prayed the Prayer to St. Joseph for a Happy Death. At the moment Dad went to God, I gently sang the In Paradisum over him. Again, life would never be the same for any of us, but we had the comfort of knowing that we had loved Dad and prayed him through his last cross and suffering with the graces of the Church.

These experiences illustrate that there is a value in going through suffering. It is Jesus Christ Who makes this possible because He has first died for us. If we join our sufferings and death to His, we will find meaning, merit and consolation in them. 

In a post-Christian world such as ours, people are often unaware that there is a final spiritual battle for the soul of a person as they approach death. Heaven, Purgatory and Hell are real. The last thing we should be doing is abandoning vulnerable people by encouraging them to carry out 'assisted suicide'. We should be giving them practical care, prudent counsel, religious instruction, and the sacraments. 

The real Happy Death and Death with Dignity is to die in the state of grace; to die as a friend of God by the mercy of Jesus Christ.  To live and die well is to be set free from mortal sin by Confession and by living and dying in the gift of a New Life in Christ. My late friend Fr. Mike was a hospital chaplain on Merseyside for the 7 years of his priesthood. He once said to me: 'Al, I have seen so much young and unprovided for death in my work; stay close to God, keep in the state of grace and live well. You never know the moment when you will be called.' 

We must pray that our society will not let people die alone, lonely and away from God or from human love. We must show them that real love bears all things - including their dark sufferings. No matter how well-intentioned, assisting people to die through euthanasia - in the modern senses of the removal of food/fluids or of purposefully administering lethal drugs - is always objectively wicked. St. Ignatius of Loyola taught that no-one should ever make important decisions when in the state of desolation. How surely this can be applied to the poor person who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is very mean to place the temptation of suicide in their path. They need help to live their final months - not help to die. St. Therese of Lisieux recorded that she suffered terrible temptations during her final sickness when powerful drugs had been left in her room. She described this oversight as a form of cruelty. If saints could be so tempted, how much more so the people of our time who have had little or no true religious instruction. 

Years ago, I worked with an Anglican vicar in a prison chaplaincy. He taught me the famous principle: 'the quality of a nation's ethics can be discerned by the manner with which it treats its prisoners'. How much more so, can this be applied to the way the sick are valued and treated? Helping people to live and die for God is the only way to provide a truly Happy Death which will lead them on to eternal life.

Please pray against the Falconer Bill which will be voted on this evening.    

Holy Hour to Pray Against 'Assisted Dying Bill'

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Wherever you are, please remember to join in prayer this evening with the Holy Hours occuring in the Diocese of Portsmouth. 

His Lordship, Bishop Philip Egan, has asked that the parishes in his diocese pray to Jesus, in a Eucharistic Holy Hour. He asks them to pray, that Parliament will firmly reject the Assisted Dying Bill; for the protection of human life in its end stages; for those suffering from terminal illnesses; for those who will die today; for the many generous and selfless doctors and nurses who care for the sick; for relatives caring for a loved one who is ill; and for our country to receive a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of the Blessed Mother of God.

It is most important that Catholics offer prayers and fasting against this evil Bill. We learned today of a truly Orwellian development; the Liberal Democrat Care Minister (!) Norman Lamb announced that he had 'changed his mind' and will now back the Assisted Dying Bill. As this man is the cabinet minister responsible for providing care to people with dementia and other serious disabilities, the news is very disturbing indeed. His announcement on the eve of the debate and vote in the House of Lords confirms what we said on Sunday about the engineering of consent through mass-media manipulation. We've also learned that a group of Peers who had been opposed to Falconer's Bill are not now going to vote against it at its second reading, in order to conform with 'parliamentary convention.' Clearly the 'puppets,' who are supposed to represent us in Government have had their orders from somewhere. They act as though they will not have to give an account of their stewardship to God at the end of their lives. We must hope and pray that, before tomorrow, they will remember the truth St. Peter espoused in Acts 5:29: 'We must obey God before men.' 

Anyone who loves God and the Natural and Divine Law is distressed that this issue is even going to be voted on at all. This is especially so when they have vulnerable family members and friends. Now we face a situation where some of those who could have opposed the Bill are not even going to do so. If our nation accepts this evil, then we are all looking at a very grave future. Nations cannot forever offend God and destroy human dignity with impunity.  

Please fast and pray in atonement and intercession for our nation; especially this evening and tomorrow.

A Man-Centred Universe? The Tail Gunner 'Opens Up!'

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Fr. Ray Blake recently blogged about the fact that many orthodox blogs seemed to have fallen silent during the papacy of Pope Francis.

I (Alan) posted a comment there to express some thoughts on the matter. Amongst other things, I suggested that, when finding oneself 'outgunned and surrounded,' it can sometimes be prudent to: 'sit tight and hold your fire.' I noted that this can be especially true when trying to protect enquirers, catechumens and neophytes from scandal and confusion. To illustrate this point, I explained that my late uncle had been a tail-gunner on a Lancaster Bomber during World War II.

The tail-gunner, sitting under a perspex dome and armed with a machine gun of limited range, was in a very dangerous, cold and isolated position. Enemy night-fighters developed the tactic of sitting just outside the range of the tail-gunner, taking him out with superior firepower and then moving in to rake the rest of the aircraft. Under these circumstances, tail-gunners sometimes sat quiet, keeping their powder dry and hoping that the enemy had not spotted them. Working as a close-knit team, gunners could inform their pilots of the presence and position of enemy aircraft in order to to guide the pilot away and into any available cloud cover.

I was able to hone this point further when another commentator suggested I was like the 'tail wagging the dog.' Whilst reaffirming the prudence of silence, in order to avoid scandalizing neophytes, I also stated that there were times when it becomes necessary to speak out: 'When catechumens and enquirers become confused by events in the Church, speaking out clearly becomes paramount to avoid them reaching for the parachutes. This is true even - and perhaps especially - here in the back seats.' 

Sometimes the tail-gunner must 'open up,' giving away his position and brightening the darkness. In catechetical terms, speaking out is essential when respectful silence no longer serves, but hinders the defence of the truth. 

Last weekend, His Holiness, Pope Francis, held a meeting with scholars, business representatives and people from various international organizations to speak about issues raised in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium; a teaching document which we defended at its launch from premature dismissal by some traditionalists.
A transcript from the meeting, available from the website of the Holy See, reveals that the Holy Father said this: 'When a man loses his humanity, he becomes a 'piece of scrap' that one may discard when no longer useful. Why? Because the man is not the centre. And when the man is not in the centre, there is another thing in the middle and the man is at the service of this other thing. The idea then is to rescue man, in the sense of returning him to the centre: to the centre of society, the centre of thoughts, the focus of reflection. Place man once more at the centre... Thank you. Thank you for the help you give with your work, with your reflection to restore this unbalanced situation and to restore man, bring him back to the centre of reflection and the centre of life. He is the king of the universe! And this is not theology, not philosophy - it is human reality. With this reality we will move forward. Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you!'

At first I hoped to interpret this as an example of an 'off the cuff' phrase, given in an ebullient moment, because cultural leaders were working hard to restore more humane economical structures. However, that final sentence suggests to me that this concept of 'man as the centre of the universe,' is part of a pre-determined - rather than instantaneous or emotive - approach.

It must be said that these words - indeed this 'approach' - is seriously at odds with the constant and official teaching of the Church. For example, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, affirming here what the Church has always believed and taught, proclaims in paragraphs CCC 450 and 668, that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the cosmos and of human history. Even Gaudium et Spes, in its radical openness to the world, states that: 'The Lord is the goal of human history, the focal point of the desires of history and civilization, the centre of humanity, the joy of all hearts, and the fulfillment of all aspirations' (GS 45; Also Pope Paul VI: Allocution, Feb 1965). The social kingship of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, is a touchstone of traditional Catholic Faith. This is so, because He is fully God and fully man. As such, He reveals God to us and He reveals who we truly are to us also. It is because man is made in the image of God, an image raised to unprecedented levels in Christ, that man has dignity and must be defended. This is the unique contribution the Church gives to human history.

That Pope Francis' words to this economic conference form part of an overall androcentric approach, as opposed to another random and misunderstood phrase, is clear from the sheer volume of otherwise confusing words and actions which have occured all the way through this papacy and are increasing in gravity and volume on a weekly basis. The latest interview in La Repubblica merely confirms the trajectory.

My wife and I have long been aware of a long-established trend in the Church to 'move beyond Christ,' which is not restricted to extreme elements of female religious in North America. As Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen lamented in the late 1970's, this problem is supranational. It is everywhere. It is legion. 

We believe that we have reached a point where, catechetically and spiritually, it would be more dangerous to remain respectfully silent in the face of a veritable barrage of confusing words and actions emanating from Rome.

The commentor who contended that my tail-gunner analogy bespoke a wish for the 'tail to wag the dog,' asked whether folks ought to 'bail-out' or 'mutiny.' I replied that neither is an option when we are speaking of the Barque of St. Peter, our Holy Mother the Church. In any case, between the extremes of total passivity and dramatic escape there lies the only realistic option for the person who loves Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. That is to stay on board the ship to remain afloat, point out the icebergs and give solace to fellow travellers. Never, ever, forget that Jesus Christ has given the Church the Holy Spirit and the guarantee that the Gates of Hell shall not ultimately prevail over Her.
I converted to the Catholic Church in 1993. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass became the centre of my life. When I discovered that the Catholic Church was One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic; that Jesus Christ was Really Present in the Blessed Sacrament; and that a Catholic priest was alter Christus, I could be nothing else.

From around 1996, I began to realize that another force was at work inside the Church. I could not have articulated it then, nor grasped the extent of its origins in history, but that is when I began to encounter it as something tangible and threatening. I met it when I first visited Ushaw Seminary that winter and spent time with students who scandalized me with their foul language, camp behaviour and mocking talk of 'Bread Worship.' It is a reality that has been present and more darkly pervasive as a force of opposition in my life as the years has gone by. Over the years, various terms have been used to express this phenomenon: Modernism; Liberalism; Spirit - and Anti-Spirit - of Vatican II; Anti-Church; Nu-Church; Revolution; New Reformation; Smoke of Satan; Diabolical Disorientation; Hermeneutic of Rupture; Spirit of Anti-Christ.' Whichever terms are used, and this last seems closest to the conditions of our times, we are witnessing a concerted attempt to dethrone Jesus Christ and subvert His Church from Her divinely instituted nature and mission. A religion of man - in all his puniness without God - is attempting to usurp the True Religion of God.

In a sense this is nothing new. It was after all the Original Sin to listen to the devil and try to be as 'gods' on our own terms. It is a tendency at work in each and all of us through Original Sin and Concupiscence.

What is new, is the apparent embracing of this tendency within the Church, at even the very highest levels; in the Church which Jesus Christ founded to act as its remedy and cure.

The trajectory of Pope Francis has not halted this trend. On the contrary, various homilies, confusing press interviews, phone-calls, phrases and actions - none of which represent the gift of papal infallibility - have accelerated it. I confess that, because of Pope Francis' actions and demeanour toward the Blessed Sacrament, I wept through the EWTN coverage of Corpus Christi from Rome. I was not surprised to read of similar happenings among the crowds in Rome itself. As a family, we were gravely disturbed by the inter-religious prayer in the Vatican Gardens on what was supposed to be Pentecost Sunday. This seemed like rank apostasy bringing a shadow on the earth. If these words sound extreme - and transposed from silent fears to the brightness of a computer screen they surely do seem so - then consider the fact that the personality cult of Pope Francis continues to grow among those opposed to God and to traditional morality, whilst those seeking to be faithful to the traditional Catholic Faith find themselves increasingly beneath the shadow of an aggressive secularism, of an atheisim which has the Church in its sights and is on the march. A storm is coming and the watchmen are asleep or have been silenced. Others are dancing crazily with the spirit of the age.

The time for silence has passed. This blog-page of this website might be the metaphysical equivalent of a kiddie's pop-gun, but it is what we have got and we must use it. Outgunned and surrounded, it is now time for us to 'open up'. Please pray that we will remain prudent, but that, to coin a poignant phrase, we 'will not flee for fear of the wolves.' Let us begin with a clear and resonant affirmation that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the cosmos and of human history. And we love Him.  

Belgian Euthanasia Doctor, Wim Distelmans, Offers 'Inspiring' Tour of Auschwitz...

Torch of The Faith News on Tuesday 15 July 2014 - 17:33:34 | by admin

As the day of debating and voting on the Falconer Bill approaches, a disturbing story has emerged which should awaken even the most somnolent from their slumbers.

Dr. Wim Distelmans is a 'euthanasia doctor' who co-ordinates 'legal' killings in Belgium. Last year, he gave a lethal injection on Television to 44-year-old Nathan Verhelst, who was depressed after a 'failed sex-change operation.' Distelmans has also overseen the killings of 45-year-old deaf twins Marc and Eddy Verbessem who chose sterile death at his hands when they learned that they would go blind. The chilling doctor, who also killed the despondent 64 year-old Godelieva De Troyer without telling her children, admits to many other 'borderline cases' which remain unknown to the public.

In light of Belgium's acceptance in February of euthanasia for children of all ages, it is especially disturbing to think of this man being on the loose. If that were not frightening enough, the Daily Mail has exposed the fact that Distelmans has recently invited some of his peers to a tour of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, which he called 'inspiring' and an opportunity to 'clarify confusion' about euthanasia. 

As the devil again reveals his hand in this whole dark business, we must hope and pray that enough people will wake up, recognise the spooky trajectory we are on and expose this sinister evil for what it is.

On the eve of the First World War, Sir Edward Grey is reputed to have lamented: 'The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.' Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will reignite the flames of the Catholic Faith and bring Europe back to Jesus Christ and to the Church which shaped and nurtured her.     

'Not Dead Yet UK' to Demonstrate Against Falconer's Bill

Torch of The Faith News on Monday 14 July 2014 - 16:50:58 | by admin

Christian Concern has announced that it is standing with Not Dead Yet UK against the Falconer Bill. These organizations are inviting other people to join them for a demonstration to lobby peers, during the debate and vote, this Friday 18th July 2014. The rally will take place (almost) opposite the Peers' Entrance to the House of Lords (Old Palace Yard) from 9.30 am - 7.30 pm.

Not Dead Yet UK is a network of disabled people in the UK who have joined a growing international alliance of disabled people, who oppose the legalized killing of disabled people. In response to Falconer's proposed Bill, Not Dead Yet UK states: '... the campaign to legalise assisted suicide reinforces deep-seated beliefs that the lives of sick and disabled people are not worth as much as other people's. That if you are disabled or terminally ill, it's not worth being alive... Disabled people want help to live - not die.'  

Christian Concern points out that Falconer's Bill has been widely criticised for posing a huge threat to the safety of vulnerable people and is strongly opposed by the overwhelming majority of UK doctors, alongside the British Medical Association, the Royal College of General Practitioners, and all the major disability rights groups in Britain.

Not Dead Yet UK members announce that they will be wearing red and black - the colours of their logo - and invite other attendees to do the same. They also highlight some key messages/questions which they aim to get across by means of the rally. These include:-

1. The deep concern that a change in the law will lead to disabled people - including other vulnerable people, especially older people - feeling under pressure to end their lives.

2. The issue reveals a lot about public attitudes to disability.

3. Why do we try to talk people who are not disabled out of suicide, but focus on making suicide possible to the disabled?

4. Not Dead Yet UK believes that the campaign to legalise assisted suicide reinforces deep-seated beliefs that the lives of sick and disabled people are not worth as much as other people's. That if you are disabled or terminally ill, it is not worth being alive.

5. Disabled people want help to live - not to die.

In addition to the essential personal prayers, Eucharistic Holy Hours, and writing of letters to the House of Lords, this event appears to offer a highly visual way to publicly resist this evil, anti-life Bill at the time and place of the debate and vote. As no Archdiocesan/Diocesan rallies appear to have been arranged, this might be a good opportunity to stand with other people of good will who are actually prepared to get out and do something.

Above all else, please pray for the reconversion of our country.        

Tutu Too...

Torch of The Faith News on Sunday 13 July 2014 - 18:55:05 | by admin

Now Tutu backs Falconer's Bill - The 'Powers that Be' clearly want this very much...

Following on from Lord Carey's distressing promotion of the Culture of Death, Desmond Tutu, the South African, former Anglican leader, has written an article for the Observer to promote Lord Falconer's deadly Assisted Suicide Bill.

Noting that the Bill will be debated in the House of Lords on the same day that South Africa will be keeping 'Mandela Day,' Tutu remarks: 'On Mandela Day, we will be thinking of a great man. On the same day, on 18th July in London, the House of Lords will be holding a second hearing on Lord Falconer's Bill on Assisted Dying. Oregon, Washington, Quebec, Holland Switzerland have already taken this step. South Africa has a hard-won constitution that we are proud of that should provide a basis to guide changes to be made on the legal status of end of life wishes to support the dignity of dying.'

Again, Lord Falconer has used this intervention by another former Anglican leader to promote the Culture of Death. Responding in the Observer, Falconer gushes: 'He is an Anglican bishop who has shown his moral strength to the world better than anybody. I very much hope that it will indicate that religion is not a bar to supporting this Bill.' 

Tutu's public support for Falconer - coming in a British paper just one day after Lord Carey's turn-around and several days before the Bill is due to be debated - is no coincidence. This softening up of religious opposition, through a snowball effect of authorative voices, is a classical example of the engineering of consent through mass-media manipulation. It demonstrates just how much the globalist 'Powers that Be' want this to happen in our nation right now.

During the week, Fr. Mitch Pacwa S.J. was speaking out powerfully against euthanasia on EWTN.
Fr. Mitch noted that euthanasia advocates had been admitting on American radio that they were working to change words and language in order to facilitate a gradual cultural acceptance of euthanasia. He noted that these advocates wished to get away from phrases such as 'assisted suicide' as these words reminded people too much of violence. These people want to use more gentle language in order to pave the way for euthanasia. We even see this phenomenon at work in Desmond Tutu's calls for 'death with dignity.' The reality is that authentic palliative care aids a truly dignified death, whereas 'assisting someone to die' is in reality a cruel and murderous act. In any case, the true ideal is to die a Holy Death; the Catholic way is the real 'Death with Dignity.'

Fr. Mitch warned that euthanasia advocates: 'Want to kill us all when we get old.' To this we would add that they even want to kill us when we are still young.

Pray against Falconer's Bill like your life depends on it...    

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