A Call to Holiness - Rosary Crusade

The Catholic Church is under grave pressure from without to conform to the ideology of atheistic secularism.

The Church in Great Britain is also suffering from the organised subversion of groups such as A Call to Action (ACTA) which dissent from the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

To counter these trials for the Catholic Church, and to make reparation to Our Blessed Lord, please join us in A Call to Holiness Rosary Crusade.

In addition to daily conversion of heart to Jesus Christ, we invite our readers to pray the Holy Rosary each day for the following intentions for the Catholic Church in Great Britain.

1. To be protected from the attacks of the devil from without.

2. To be protected from the attacks of the devil from within through dissent and disunity.

3. To be faithful to Her divine mission for the salvation and sanctification of souls.

4. For the fruitfulness of this mission.

5. For the sincere conversion of Her enemies - both internal and external.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary - Pray for us.