Angeline at EWTN, Alabama, USA.
Every day up to 600 babies are aborted in Britain, with an annual figure of almost 200,000 abortions.The dignity of the human person has been completely devalued leading to increasing street violence, calls for euthanasia, destructive research and other grave evils perpetrated on embryos and calls for ever easier access to abortion. These evils are largely due to the denial of God and His rights over us, a lethargic decadence amongst Christian leaders, the spread of false education based in moral relativism, a hostile media, and the hardening of all our hearts due to materialism and excess comfort. 
Alan has given over 120 talks on this particular issue and can be booked to inform, motivate and encourage groups regarding this topic.

We also invite you to pray for an end to abortion and for a renewal of chastity in individuals and in society. Please intercede for all mothers, fathers and families damaged by abortion and for the reconciliation, healing and final peace with God of all involved. We especially encourage the Rosary and the offering of Masses and Holy Communions for this intention.  Peaceful prayer vigils at the actual abortion facilities are a powerful way of witnessing that have saved countless numbers of lives and souls.

Alan at the Supreme Court in Washington DC, USA.