Ah, there's nothing like a fair trial!

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Something Which Can Be Said

Somewhere in the canon of English literature, I forget where just now, there is a jokey sort of thing about shipwrecked mariners washing up on a desert island, in fear that the natives may be inhospitable, or even worse may turn out to be savage cannibals.

The bedraggled sailors' worries turn to joy when they spot a gibbet and see preparations being made for a public hanging. ''At last,'' shouts their relieved leader, ''a Christian land!''

Although alien to the Bergoglian, though not in fact to the traditional Catholic teaching on the matter, these men were gratified to notice that they were safe in a land which was governed by the principles of the rule of law.

Though hanging was brutal, the primitive conditions rendered it necessary for public safety in extreme cases. This assured those shipwrecked survivors that there would, at least, be no arbitrary killings or indiscriminate barbarism. Everyone would be entitled to a fair trial with an unbiased jury. At least, that was the theory.

As overseas observers have noticed to their astonishment, there are some trials in present day Blighty, the mere description of which by UK residents, certainly in details ordered impermissable by the courts, might rapidly drop a fellow into prison.

A bit like landing on the wrong square in Monopoly; only more swift, secretive and without the sense of fun.

Or even the race car...

That being said, I do think that some overseas observers, in their understandable zeal to stand up against paedophile ''grooming'' gangs of Islamic males - a horrific phenomenon which has blighted contemporary Britain - have missed the nuanced fact that Tommy Robinson's arrest came about because the breaking of reporting restrictions could have been deemed to have prejudiced an ongoing series of trials of such gangs.

Had this happened, as America's National Review acknowledged, ''it would have been an additional blow to victims who deserve justice.''

As you know, that principle of an unbiased jury is essential for a fair trial.

Nevertheless, the National Review also makes the clear point that, on the other hand, Robinson's supporters are angered by the fact that he is being treated with greater suspicion of guilt than the Islamic extremists or the mass rapists he has tried to expose.

Charlie to Chile
Archbishop Charles Scicluna cools off in Malta. Hey, go easy with the Kool Aid there!

I have realized this weekend that, in my haste to type out an article on the recent incident, in which Francis supposedly told Juan Carlos Cruz of Chile that ''God made you gay'', there were two major lacunae.

The first is that, whilst I mentioned the dreadful abuses committed by Fr. Karadima, I also failed to mention the key point that this abuse had been witnessed by Bishop Barros; who Francis subsequently made Bishop of Osorno, thus causing untold scandal and extra hurt to the victims involved in the case.

I've just finished reading two meticulous articles by the international child protection attorney Elizabeth Yore at The Remnant.

These articles have filled in for me certain gaps in my own knowledge and understanding of that ongoing and horrific case. I highly recommend readers read and digest those articles, which are entitled, Anatomy of a Cover Up: An Open Letter to Pope Francis and FrancisGate: What Did the Pope Know and When Did He Know It?

Both of these articles will be well worth your time to read them; especially for you to grasp the chronological timeframe, the characters involved and the behaviour of Francis throughout the whole of this unfolding saga.

A key mystery in all of this for me involves the fact that, had Pope Benedict XVI behaved in the scandalous manner that the evidence against Francis shows that he has, then the world's media, to say nothing of the big governments, would have been baying for him. And yet, although media have turned somewhat against Francis through this story, it has been nothing like it would have been if Benedict had been involved. One only has to look back at the way the media portrayed and harassed Benedict, even though he did much to speak against and to counter clerical sex-abuse, throughout his public years on the Throne of Peter, to grasp the truth of all that.

Anyway, the other lacuna in my article related to my theme that, ''at least Juan Carlos Cruz can now feel that his complaints have been heard by Church authorities who can actually do something.''

Reading this weekend's reports that Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta was heading back to Chile for the next round of the investigations into the whole scandal made me realise that my earlier article had failed to observe that Scicluna was the character to whom Juan Carlos Cruz had had to speak.

Although it remains true that Cruz does feel that Scicluna was helpful and understanding of him, and that he also hopes the archbishop will do something positive to deal with the situation, it remains the case that Scicluna himself is a hugely problematic figure.

As we noted several times in the opening months of 2017, Archbishop Charles Scicluna had issued, together with his neighbour Bishop Mario Grech, sacrilegious ''guidelines'' regarding the implemenation of Amoris Laetitia.

What is more, priests and seminarians under his jurisdiction complained that they felt serious pressure to comply with these so-called ''guidelines''.
Who's on First? No, not Abbott and Costello, but Scicluna and Grech. They want to ''accompany'' folk. Judging by their sacrilegiously heretical guidelines, I'd give it a miss!

At the time, we pointed out that Scicluna's actions went clearly against the warnings of the Council of Trent regarding the excommunication of those who promoted sacrilegious holy communions.

We must rightly ask then: How can a man like Scicluna, one who has consistently and publicly promoted the sacrilegious heresy of communion for adulterers, and added to this enormity by enforcing this among his own clergy, possibly ''clean house'' in Chile?

And when one reads Elizabeth Yore's Remnant articles, one must ask further: Why is the involvement of Francis himself not being scrutinised by Scicluna's commission?

To remedy my lack of mention of Scicluna in the recent article on Chile, here is a satirical little ditty which I first penned and posted up here last year, in defence of the faithful priests who were fearing a Scicluna-led persecution in Malta.

O Good Priests of Malta!

There once was a chap called Scicluna,
whose theology suddenly went lunar!
He held that the Pope, had unlimited scope;
Like declaring that Goldfish was Tuna!

On the road down to Heck,
With his neighbour called Grech,
he issued his good priests a warning:
If Pope Frank says its right,
to set your own hair alight, 
then, by jove, you'll do it by morning!

'Coz Pope Frank can't be wrong,
When he speaks with his tongue,
or shows us by way of instruction:
That short is now long;
and right is now wrong;
whilst goodness is outright corruption!

'Til Pius Thirteen,
arrives on the scene,
he conceded by way of deflection,
Then 'neath Frank's yoke, we shall lean,
like there never has been,
ought else in our Holy Religion!

The priests of those isles,
though they wore their best smiles,
feared they might get suspended.
For Kasperian wiles,
stretching miles of sea miles,
had left all reason upended!

O good priests of Malta,
by God's grace do not falter;
join up in a reverent union.
You must tell that chap Charles,
though he sulks or he snarls:
We'll not give adulterers Communion!

Alright, we've had a laugh. Let's say a sincere ''Hail Mary'' for Charles Scicluna's salvation. 

Many are the Trials of the Just Man 

I noticed at the weekend that Judge Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division of the High Court, had been here in Liverpool to give a speech at the University.

During that speech, just weeks after the tragedy of the Alfie Evans case in this same city, the judge suggested that the collapse of the traditional family in the UK should be welcomed and applauded.

Yes, really!

He claimed that this was so, because of the prevalence of single parent households, artificial donor insemination, surrogacy arrangements and same-sex ''marriages''.

It doesn't look, so far, as though there has been any kind of rebuke, or defence of the traditional family, from Liverpool's Archbishop Malcolm McMahon.

Once again, it is not hard to spot the Orwellian ironies of a judge holding such a job title, and thus having such influential responsibilities and duties, saying such radical things. 

At least the judge is due to retire soon. And it is encouraging to see that some politicians, such as the former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, did challenge his remarks in the aftermath of the university speech.

The Case of ''Speckled Jim''

As a Catholic trying to call people to a new life in Christ, I would not nowadays recommend for people to watch the British television comedy show, Blackadder Goes Forth. No, some of the humour is a bit on the ''blue'' side for me to even think of doing that.

Still, the show was a feature of my own misspent youth and there was some interesting socal critique in the comedy.

I was chuckling this weekend at the remembrance of one particular scene in which Captain Edmund Blackadder is being court-martialed, having been accused of the crime of shooting and eating General Hogmanay Melchett's beloved carrier pidgeon, ''Speckled Jim''.
Blackadder Goes Forth: Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie and Sir Tony Robinson as, respectively: Captain Edmund Blackadder, Lt. The Honourable George Colthurst St. Barleigh and Private S. Baldrick. I'm not sure who played ''Speckled Jim'' the carrier pidgeon!

As the court scene opens, it becomes clear that the moustachioed General Melchett, the purported victim in the case, is sitting in the courtroom as judge; and later on is even called forward as a key witness for the prosecution!

There is a hilarious exchange between the characters, which goes like this:-

Edmund: Who is the judge by the way?

Melchett: (Boldly) Me!

Edmund: I'm dead!

Melchett: Well, come on then , come on! Get this over in five minutes, and then we can have a spot of lunch. The court is now in session, General Sir Anthony Hogmanay Melchett in the chair. The case before us is that of the Crown versus Captain Edmund Blackadder, (Aggresively toward the direction of Blackadder in the court room), the Flanders pidgeon murderer! Oh, uh, hand me the black cap, I'll be needing that!

Edmund: (With cynical resignation) I love a fair trial...

Ah yes, we Brits certainly love nothing more than a fair trial. But, hang it all, in the shipwreck of post-modernity, we begin to realize that we don't have a monopoly on them... 

Keep Alfie Evans' Family in Your Prayers

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Let's keep up the prayers for Alfie Evans' parents, Tom and Kate; as well as for all his family and loved ones.

Tom Evans' sister Sarah has posted up a special message at the public page of Alfie's Army.

It reads:-

Alfie James Evans

Life without you, what can we say? 
Now you're not here, we miss you each day. 
Some people say a pure beautiful soul, 
Our hearts are broken, leaving a black hole.

Your pictures, your smiles, your face we do miss. 
To hold your hand and to give you a kiss. 
Your soft silky hair, 
your gorgeous pink skin. 
You took on the bad people, you knew you would win.

Don't think that our silence means we have laid down. 
Trust us our army, we sit here and frown. 
We feel like we failed you, we know that's not true. You went when you chose our little Boy Blue.

Alfie James Evans, 
your name known worldwide. 
We say your name daily, with love, faith and pride. 
You showed them your strength, they didn't know you. Alfie James Evans, your light shone right through.

So stay right beside us as we weep and we fall. 
Kiss your Mum and Dad's cheek, when their tears do fall. We kiss all your pictures when we say ''Goodnight''.
Smile and say, ''Alfie, you put up a fight.''

We love you so much, our little Boy Blue,
We love and we miss you so much, that is true.

Thank you all from Kate's, Thomas' and our family's hearts for the love, respect and silence we have needed. The pain is indescribable for Alfie's amazing parents and our families and I will end this post in saying out loud,

I'm sure you will agree that there is a great deal to reflect on and ponder in those lines of Sarah's.

Let us all continue to keep praying for Tom, Kate and all of Alfie's family and loved ones in their grief. They know that Alfie is at peace with God in Heaven. May they also know the truth in Christ's words in Matthew 5:4: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Humanae Vitae at 50!

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A Welcome Celebration

As the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae approaches next month, it is most consoling to us as a contemporary married couple to witness Fr. Tim Finigan, Fr. Marcus Holden, Fr. Francis Marsden, Fr. John Saward, Canon Luiz Ruscillo and many other faithful English Catholic clergy, signing up to support a public letter affirming the wise and prophetic nature of Humanae Vitae.

We were similarly encouraged last month, when Bishop Athanasius Schneider and other Bishops of Kazakhstan released a pastoral letter expressing the same theme.

In recent years, we have come to realize that Humanae Vitae is not perfect: as a means of communicating the Church's Traditional teaching, it would do to more clearly express the ends of holy matrimony in their proper order. That is to say, the generation of new life should be clearly established first, and the perfection of spouses more clearly defined as second.

Nevertheless, Humanae Vitae's re-affirmation of the Catholic Church's perennial teaching on the illegitimacy of artifical birth control remains true, beautiful and good.

In that sense, and in terms of the clear warnings it gave about the future evils which would unfold - and indeed have since unfolded! - if its authentic teaching were to be ignored, then the encyclical was both timely and prophetic.

Yes, there it was, promulgated right in the middle of the crazy summer of '68; a clear sign of God's Providence and protection!

The Contraceptive Mentality is Divisive and Sterile

The tragic resistance to Humanae Vitae which ravaged and hindered the Church's mission back then, and which continues to do so today, was always a sterile, divisive and degrading phenomenon.

But then, that sounds like a perfect description of contraception itself: being that contraception is sterile, divisive and degrading in its very nature.
The truth of the matter is that no one who has received the grace to think the issues through, and who really loved God, spouse, family and neighbour, would ever desire to resort to contraception.

All contraceptive methods force a barrier between God and each of the spouses; as well as between both of the spouses amongst themselves. That is the very nature of the thing.

Banishing God and the totality of one's spouse from marital intimacy is no way to achieve peace; much less is it a way to create and maintain unified marital harmony.

All methods of contraception have at their core the tragic assertion of selfish will to power above the involvement of God, the natural means of fertility and the genuine care of one's beloved.

Of themselves, these facts should be sufficient grounds to reject contraception.

But to them must also be added the fact that all barrier methods of contraception constitute a form of mutual abuse; one which isolates and idolizes sexual pleasure. When one stops to think about it, the seeking of this one dimension of sexuality as an end in itself is the very hallmark of the grave sinner, the narcissist, the uninformed and the immature.

Worse still is the resort to methods like the IUD-Coil, Pill, Mini Pill and the so-called Morning After Pill. Not only do these include the sinfulness of barrier methods, but they also compound it; for in various degrees, each of these interventions includes an abortifacient component, which can destroy newly conceived human life, as well as having potential long-term risks to fertility and even health.

And tell me, what man in his right mind and heart would want to poison his wife's body, or endanger his offspring, with powerful chemicals deliberately taken? And what woman, who was operating without being coerced, and who really understood, respected and upheld her own dignity, would ever want to take such things?

No, these are not the ways of true love.

True Love Ways

Love worthy of the name is always both self-giving and self-sacrificing in its very essence. It seeks the wholeness and good of the other, even to the point of desiring and working toward their eternal well-being. Real married love is natural, limitlessly expressive, pro-creative and unitive. It wants to go beyond the finite, beyond artificial limitations, to give, to build up and to unify. The notion of taking, holding back, destroying, or sundering is not natural to that kind of love.
Ultimately, Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross is the ultimate and definitive model of true love. It is a love which cannot abide holding back anything that is good, virtuous or whole. 

But Out Lord on the Cross is not only a model for us. In addition, He is the very source of the graces that we, as limited and fallen creatures, need in order to live true love in this world. This is another reason why we must pray constantly and have recourse to the sacraments for spiritual nourishment and strength.

Give the Kids a Break!

Back when I used to go around giving pro-life presentations in high schools, I discovered a tragic consequence of the dominant acceptance of contraception in the culture.

I speak of the fact that so many teenagers had learned all about contraception, before they had been given the chance to really dwell on the wonders of conception.

The real con in all of the contraception education, through which they had all been pushed by the age of 14, (it'll be much younger by now), was evidenced in the fact that so many of them struggled to say the word conception. So deeply ingrained in their minds was the ideology of the contraceptive mentality, that when they tried to say ''conception'' they regularly stuttered, ''con...con..contra... contra...ception... I mean conception.''

In schools representing many social backgrounds across the country, I was astounded to find so consistently that the word contraception was more natural to the thinking of so many young students, than was the more natural and fundamental word and fact of conception.
What a tragedy that is for them and for the future!

Love - The Truth

All young people have the right to receive the meaning of true love and life.

Married love is a beautiful gift. It is so incredible that it should not ever be thwarted or hindered by the disintegrating impacts of contraception.

The Church's True Teachings Keep Love Fresh

About eight years ago, back in the days when we were still able to go out and give catechetical presentations, Angie and I hosted a weekend of marriage catechesis in a parish near to the south coast in Cornwall. It was an awesome weekend; after which the priest let us stay on in his presbytery for a kind of ''busman's holiday'' for another 5 days near to the roaring sea and rolling surf.   
On the Sunday evening of the marriage catechesis weekend, we gave an evening for students from the local university. There were young people in their twenties and a couple of mature students in their middle-years. All of them were unmarried. It was a more informal, and less didactic, session than we had hosted on the Friday for teenagers and parents, or on the Saturday for engaged and married couples.

Instead, we gathered together in a comfy lounge with the parish priest and the students, with a healthy supply of coffee, fruit juice and nibbles, to take questions and discuss themes relating to Catholic sexual ethics.

During the evening, a young man in his early 20's asked us when we got married. He expressed great surprise when we told him that, at that point, we had just recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.

He said he did not believe us and suggested a couple of times that we had only just got married. When we asked him why he was so insistent on this point, he asserted that he had never met anyone who had been married ''that long'' and who were so obviously still in love, so close and so happy together.

I was a little taken aback and initially laughed that he was a little young to be so cynical! However, as I began to think about it, I realized and responded that it was my belief that God's graces and gifts in matrimony and, by exension to these, the living out of the teachings expressed in Humanae Vitae, keep marriage relationships fresh, devoted and peaceful.

Avoiding contraception is a fundamental part of keeping communication open, whilst at once protecting one's spouse from being objectified or used; problems which are so common in today's society as to be almost normative. So many women today feel themselves to be unloved and used through contraception, which does not ever bring out what is best and most noble in men. Other women have become hardened through this sense of being used and, when they have not turned away from natural male-female relations, have frequently transformed themselves into the hard-drinking, boorish ''ladette'' culture, which destroys feminity and apes male selfishness and lust. None of this brings happiness to anyone.  

It is only in keeping God in the centre of marriage, a daily task and gift, as well as remaining open to Him, to potential life and to one's spouse, that real married love can find fruition.

And in doing so, again by God's grace, this provides an icon of God's Love as an eternal communion of Divine Persons, and of His love for mankind.

To the extent that, please God, we may have received and lived those mysteries by God's grace, we give thanks to Him and express our indebtedness to the Magisterial teachings found in Humanae Vitae.

Not forgetting, of course, the writings of St. Paul, Casti Connubii, Familiaris Consortio, or the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality either!

The Wine of True Marriage

Had Humanae Vitae received the welcome and implementation with the vigour it deserved, the Church and world would have looked very different than they do today.

The Church would have been stronger; numerically, qualitatively and spiritually.

There would have been a great many more marriages, and a larger proportion of those marriages would have survived.

There would have been a great deal less discord, division and selfishness in the Church, in families and in society.

Women and their female dignity would have been held in much higher esteem than they now are; whilst men would have been less selfish, more mature and, fundamentally, more masculine than they are.

There would have been much less acceptance of homosexualization: the contraceptive sundering of sexual pleasure from its procreative and unitive purposes has led to the general acceptance of homosexual acts and relationships.

Importantly, given last weekend's awful abortion referendum in Ireland, there would have been much less acceptance of abortion, and thus many less abortions. The sheer scale of the ongoing abortion holocaust means that one really can speak in terms of a ''lost generation''. 

Perhaps, too, if Humanae Vitae had been accepted, Europe might now have been looking at a future that was Christian, instead of one that is Islamic.

In light of all this, there can be few things as distorted or disedifying as the spectacle of Catholic priests who have made dissent from Humanae Vitae a distinguishing characteristic of their priesthood. After all, that was always a hippys' battle anyway. And now, it is the tragic redoubt of the aging hippy.

On the other hand, it is marvellous to see priests like those mentioned in our introduction - many of whom have decades of experience in helping young families, pro-life doctors and pro-life counsellors - signing up so publicly to affirm and celebrate Humanae Vitae as the 50th anniversary approaches this summer.

We pray that, by the help of the Holy Family, their good initiative will help many other people to also discover the perennial freshness of Christ's true teachings through the Catholic Church.

After all, Humanae Vitae is all about giving life!

When Democracy Isn't

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Christian Democracy?

Our British Prime Minister Theresa May, the daughter of an Anglican minister, has been described as a Christian lady whose Christian faith impacts on her public politics.

Such an assessment looks starkly out of place when one considers the response Mrs. May made on twitter to the disastrous abortion referendum in Ireland.

On the Sabbath last weekend (!), the Prime Minister tweeted: ''The Irish Referendum yesterday was an impressive show of democracy which delivered a clear and unambiguous result. I congratulate the Irish people on their decision and all of Together4Yes on their successful campaign.''

Well, it was certainly unambiguous. But may we really call it democracy?

In light of the revealed Divine Law of God, and indeed the Natural Law which is accessible to all human beings by the power of reason with good will, such assertions can be seen to elevate ''democratic ideals'' to the hideous point of idolatry.

Catholic Prelates or Politicians? 
Photo from 1 Peter 5, who pursued a clear answer from Archbishop Eamon Martin, after his deeply troubling appearance on RTE at the shrine of Knock, Co. Mayo.

Such is the position on abortion of a mainstream Anglican politician, indeed Prime Minister, after five centuries of Protestant hegemony in these isles.

Perhaps, though, one might be able to hope for better things from Archbishop Eamon Martin, being that he is the successor to the 17th-Century martyr St. Oliver Plunkett in the offices of Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland?

Alas, even though Archbishop Martin has been heckled in pro-life marches, led pro-life prayers and spoken out against abortion more than many other Irish prelates, even he managed to completely stun onlookers when he appeared on RTE from the hallowed shrine of Knock, in Co. Mayo, earlier this week.

When the Archbishop quoted the Taoiseach, to call on all ''No'' voters to now do all they could ''to make abortion rare, safe and legal'' I almost choked on my own teeth!

Had His Grace just said ''rare'' - and combined this with a robust denunciation of the referendum itself and its evil result - then this would have sounded more acceptable.

However, the archbishop seemed to be over-extending himself in making his message sound to be both in line with that of the Taoiseach and at once acceptable in a newly pro-abortion system. (I say system, as it is difficult to describe the voting-in of something as reprehensible as the killing of the unborn as being in any way worthy of the name society).

Thankfully, after dedicated pursuit by Steve Skojec and his team at 1 Peter 5, Archbishop Martin did walk back his shocking statement and duly affirmed his pro-life beliefs and commitment.

This is well and good but, come now, using the very slogan of the pro-death revolutionaries on ''making abortion safe, legal and rare'' must rank as a seriously nightmarish misstep for a top Catholic prelate to make...

A Deep Seated Error

At least, albeit after such committed Catholics took the trouble to seek answers, the archbishop has corrected the unfavourable impression he gave in that interview.

However, all the evidence shows that there is a very deep-seated problem in terms of the conception by Catholics of contemporary political systems and governance.

For example, even priests who gave clearly pro-life sermons in the days immediately prior to the referendum were heard to clarify - we might more honestly say ''undo'' - their message by adding in a chummy-sounding, ''Ah sure now, I'm not going to tell you how to vote.''

These kinds of episodes, combined with the far more Modernist clergy who went so far as to suggest that voting ''Yes'' was up to the conscience of each individual - with the celebrity Fr. Brian D'Arcy being one of the most public offenders in promoting this grave error; even adding to it with the claim that voting for abortion was no sin in ''an emerging republic'' - , combine to make clear that there is a widespread and deeply rooted problem of idolizing the post-modern democratic system, even within the clergy.
Fr. Brian D'Arcy: In an emerging way, in an emerging world, in an emerging republic, he wouldn't call voting to bring in abortion a sin... Gracious, No!!!

Whilst such problems were much more prevalent during the 2015 ''same-sex marriage'' referendum, their reappearance during a vote on the actual slaughter of babies demonstrates just how deep-seated this problem really is.

Beyond the Symptoms...

In what follows, I will leave aside the various claims being made that the referendum was ''rigged''. Merely repeating what I said earlier that those claiming that older people, and some nuns, had been marked as deceased, or else were recorded as not eligible to vote, need to take such worrying claims with plenty of witnesses to their nearest station of the Gardai.

So, too, do those who have since suggested that a young person, on receipt of three voting slips, contacted their local authority to ask what they should do with the spare ones, allegedly to be told to ''use them!''

In any case, more demonstrable than these claims is the fact that pro-life advertising, and even pro-life prayers, were being obstructed by undemocratic behaviour displayed by internet companies and a number of local officials.

Again, one may also well ask just how much a mob of under-educated youths with bad attitudes, shouting obscenities at opponents and conditioned to use slogans without development of critical thinking, are truly capable of being described as ''democratic'' voters to begin with.

... To the Cure

As I say, leaving these various things aside, I would like to move to a conclusion by looking at the very nature of democracy and democratic voting itself, as it pertains to these recent cases of identity, morality and the right to life.

The, then, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger made extensive academic explorations of these questions in his various and numerous writings. To name just two, these include sections of his books, Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures and Europe, Today and Tomorrow.

He used those, and other, writings to show that, in even the most liberal conceptions of a ''social contract'' there has to be an overarching acceptance of truth to protect society from descending into the mere law of the jungle, wherein might alone would make right.

The timeless quality of those aspects of his extensive writings in the Ratzinger corpus, was the fact that they situated and demonstrated this overarching truth in the divine, and at the very least, in the natural law.
More officially, Evangelium Vitae has set out some very lucid Magisterial teachings on this matter; with which it would be opportune for all Catholics everywhere to now refamiliarise themselves in these times.

For example, EV 70 makes clear that, ''democracy cannot be idolized to the point of making it a substitute for morality or a panacea for immorality. Fundamentally, democracy is a ''system'' and as such is a means not an end. Its ''moral'' value is not automatic, but depends on conformity to the moral law to which it, like every other form of human behaviour, must be subject: in other words, its morality depends on the morality of the ends which it pursues and of the means which it employs.''

Furthermore, ''the value of democracy stands or falls with the values which it embodies and promotes.''

In EV 72, we read further: ''Consequently there is a need to recover the basic elements of a vision of the relationship between civil law and moral law. .. laws and decrees enacted in contravention of the moral order, and hence of the divine will, can have no binding force in conscience...; indeed, the passing of such laws undermines the very nature of authority and results in shameful abuse.''

In fact, ''Laws which authorize and promote abortion and euthanasia are therefore radically opposed not only to the good of the individual but also to the common good; as such they are completely lacking in authentic juridical validity... Consequently, a civil law authorizing abortion or euthanasia ceases by that very fact to be a true, morally binding civil law.''

The Degrading Slavery of Our Age
Stalag Luft III near Sagan in 1940's Poland. Will prison camps be a thing, not of the past, but of the future in a post-Christian dystopia? Hence the urgent need faced by all societies to secure their civil laws in natural and divine law.

About nine years ago, I attended an excellent lecture in the reading room of a public library in the British Midlands.

The lecture was being delivered, complete with accurate scale models, by a distinguished elderly gentleman, dressed in a smart tie, blue blazer and grey slacks, who had been one of the team who helped his fellow POWs to escape through tunnels out of the German held Stalag Luft III camp, near Sagan in Poland, during World War II.

The chaps in his stalag unit had used a gymnasium horse each day in the exercise grounds to cover the patch of land from which the tunnel was being dug.

It was a most interesting, even exciting, presentation, during which the former serviceman spoke of prisoners continuing to fight for their country, even whilst held as POWs, by escapes, attempted escapes and also by having fun obstructing the German guards, nicknamed ''Goons''; in order to cause the German war-machine to tie up much-needed resources in the requirements of prison camp management and security measures to prevent further escapes.

What made this truly British gentleman's story so splendid was the sense that Britain, at least during that time in our island story, represented ideals of freedom, democracy and good old-fashioned underdogs fighting against impossible odds for the truth.

To quote the fictional Captain Mainwaring in the classic British comedy series Dad's Army, we prided ourselves as a nation that stood up for justice and ''played cricket in a sportsmanlike manner with a straight bat.''

Certainly, as was the case with so many of his generation, those were the British values so conveyed by that old man in the library that day in the British Midlands. It was an honour to attend and listen to him.
He's always backed Britain, don't you know!The late, great Arthur Lowe in his best remembered and longest-running role as Captain George Mainwaring; the pompous, bumbling, yet eminently likeable bank manager, and leader of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard Platoon, in the classic BBC comedy series, Dad's Army!  

Alas, the popular conception of freedom and democracy has altered somewhat since those days when ''Tommy Atkins'' and his ilk were taking on ''Jerry'' in the pock-marked battlefields and the forested prison camps of Europe.

Although subsequent generations have (so far) been spared the horrors of Total War, in so many ways, ours is a more brutal age.

More hopefully, it was G.K. Chesterton who reflected that, ''the Catholic Church is the one thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age.''
It occurs to me now that, in our present age, we are witnessing the convergence of two very disturbing forms of degrading slavery.

The one is close to that depicted by Chesterton, in terms of those who, conditioned by contemporary culture, idolize ''democracy'' at the expense of God, identity, morality and, now, even the unborn.

On the other hand there are those who, almost like real-life versions of Orwell's fictional Winston Smith, put their heads above the parapet to ask questions and even to say ''Oi, No!'' to injustice. These face a rather different kind of slavery; for they maintain their inner dignity, but also face obstruction, surveillance and, in worst cases, even incarceration.

In recent weeks, the international community has looked askance at Britain in light of the treatment meted out to Tom Evans and also Tommy Robinson.

It is not hard for those with eyes to see that Popes as disparate as Benedict XVI and John Paul II, as well as deep-thinking writers like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, were not wrong when they warned that the denial of God and His rights always ended in the denial of man and his rights too.

Given the tenor of the times, we consider it urgent that Catholic prelates, priests and lay faithful, as well as all people of good sense and will, ought to rediscover the foundational necessity of having civil law rooted in natural and divine law.

In the meantime, as unfolding events continue to show, it is no longer foreign enemies who are the Goons...

Our Lady of Walsingham - Pray for us and Reclaim England, Thy Once Glorious Dowry!    

Corpus Christi 2018

Torch of The Faith News on Thursday 31 May 2018 - 11:05:10 | by admin

The great feast of Corpus Christi, on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, was introduced in Flanders about 1246 AD. In 1264, Pope Urban IV extended the feast to the whole of the Universal Church. He was moved to do this by a miracle at Bolsena, when the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, was visibly demonstrated to a doubting Bohemian priest. The composition of the splendid prayers, hymns and lessons for the feast were entrusted to the great Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas. In the later Middle Ages, Corpus Christi came to be celebrated with ornate processions and expositions. It became a great demonstration of Christian faith.

I've explored before the fact that, in the days before Christendom was sundered by the Protestant Revolt, Christian civilization was notable for its deep cohesive unity.

Although the fallen nature of humanity and the reality of spiritual warfare meant that this unity was never perfect - and this is illustrated by the fact that a riot broke out at the Corpus Christi procession in Chester during 1399 AD, as well as the establishment of an ordinance at Newcastle in 1536 to avoid murderous discord between the Craft Guilds in the religious processions! - it was also the case that the underlying spiritual and civilizational unity was profound and widespread. 

And so, the Most Holy Eucharist at the heart of existential reality brought unifying harmony in the realms of: the heart and the mind; the body and the soul; man and woman; parents and children; the family unit and wider society; the individual and the local community; the local community and wider society; Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium; the bishop and his priests; the priest and his people; the parish, the diocese and the Universal Church; the Church in Heaven, Purgatory and on Earth; the Church and the State; public and private devotion; culture and nature; leisure, prayer and work; faith and works; the calendar and the seasons; the ailing and the physically healthy; the living and the dead.

At the source and summit of all of these deep unities was the underlying Real Presence of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in the Most Holy Eucharist. By His Incarnation, and the continuation of His Crucified, Resurrected, Glorified and Ascended Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord brought the most profound and foundational unity of all: that of the unity between God and man.

Before the Reformation, Catholics ''ate into'' this religious mystery at the heart of all things, with the whole of their body and soul expressing their belief, as parts of a corporate body; indeed as members of the Mystical Body of Christ. In unity, they prepared, they confessed, they sang, they processed, they prayed, they knelt, they adored and they ate.

Alas, the Protestant Revolt sundered each of these deep unities. After this tragic event, Christians were ''fractured out'' into Protestant ''churches'' as groups of individuals who now merely assented to certain key beliefs with their intellects. This reductionism, playing down the corporeal dimension of religous worship and experience as it does, is a key moment in the descent into extreme rationalist positivism. Gradually, even those key beliefs broke down into disharmony, with the result that disparate groups of individuals assented to often opposing sets of beliefs. In time, only the individual and their own unique self-assertion of their personal belief and will, came to impose itself.

In public and private worship, and thus in daily life, the lone intellect, with all of its limitations, weaknesses and sinfulness, had become radically sundered from the body of both the individual and the corporate body of the faithful. The post-modern confusion and isolation of our times is merely the latest stage of this unravelling. Even in the Catholic Church, in the period following the Second Vatican Council down to today, a similar minimalism in liturgical belief and practice has led to a related diminishment and harrowing of the faithful.

This is one reason why it is absolutely essential for Catholics to remain rooted in the Holy Eucharist at the heart of the Church. As St. Padre Pio used to say: ''Always remain close to the Catholic Church, for She alone can give you Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.''      
Let us take forward and conclude today's article with a marvellous reflection from that great saint of the Holy Eucharist, the founder of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers, St. Peter Julian Eymard.

He wrote:-

To the testimony of her word, the Church adds the testimony of her example and practical faith. As St. John the Baptist, after having pointed out the Messiah, cast himself at His feet to prove the liveliness of his faith, so the Church devotes a solemn worship, her entire worship to the adorable Person of Jesus Whom she manifests to you in the Most Blessed Sacrament. 

She adores Jesus Christ as God, present and hidden in the Divine Host. She pays Him the honour due to God alone; she prostrates herself before the Most Blessed Sacrament like the heavenly court before the majesty of God.

Distinctions of rank are not in order here: great and small, kings and subjects, priests and people instinctively fall to their knees before the God of the Eucharist.

It is the Good God!

The Church is not content to attest her faith by adoration alone; to that she adds public and magnificent honours.

The splendid basilicas are the expression of her faith in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She did not wish to build tombs but temples, a heaven on earth in which her Saviour and God might find a throne worthy of Him.

With a delicate and jealous attention the Church has regulated Eucharistic worship to its minutest details. She does not rely on anyone to take in hand the matter of honouring her divine Bridegroom; for everything is important, is significant, and divine, when there is question of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

She wants to consecrate to the royal service of Jesus all the most genuine and precious things in the world.

In her liturgy everything is related to this mystery; everything takes on a spiritual and heavenly meaning; everything has a property of its own and contains some special grace.

How easy it is for the soul to recollect herself in the solitude and silence of a church! A gathering of saints on their knees before the tabernacle causes us to exclaim: ''There is more than Solomon, more than an angel here!'' Jesus Christ is here before Whom every knee bends, of those that are in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth.

In the presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament, all greatness disappears, all holiness humbles itself and comes to nothing.

Jesus Christ is there! 
Panis vivus et vitalis! Bread which lives and maketh live!

To which, we can only add: And we love Him! Amen.

Let us Love and Adore Him in the Holy Eucharist on this very special day. We wish every blessing,grace and joy appropriate to this feast to our readers today! 

Ireland Update - 40 Days of Reparation for Life and Faith

Torch of The Faith News on Wednesday 30 May 2018 - 14:40:44 | by admin

The giant wall sculpture of the Holy Rosary at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland - A big reminder of the importance of the Rosary in the hearts and hands of Catholics.

Weather Warning

On Friday, the majority of voters in Ireland's Referendum chose to reject God, life and family in favour of abortion. People who had travelled to Dublin to promote the pro-life message had been struck by the prevalence and scale of anger, disrespect, foul language, spitting and anti-Catholic mockery, which they encountered from numerous pro-abortion voters in the city. They also described palpable fear in some of the pro-life voters whom they met; with some people keeping their ''No'' vote secret, for fear of reprisal.

Even people who live out in the more conservative counties have described troubling divisions which have come into their local rural communities; with numbers of people who are still active in Catholic parish life - and going regularly to Holy Communion mind! - advocating for the pro-abortion ''Yes'' vote, with no correction from their local priests whatsoever.  

On Saturday evening, the huge majority, pro-abortion vote was greeted in the grounds of Dublin Castle with what can only be described as a massive and jubilant party atmosphere. As we have already noted, it was very disturbing to watch footage of crowds of people laughing and rejoicing over the acceptance of something so obviously evil and dehumanizing as abortion.

Meanwhile, here in England, also on Saturday evening, there was a vast ''Gay Pride'' march in the city of Birmingham. Tens of thousands of people travelled to the midlands city to take part in the march and the boisterous partying which followed on afterwards.

In the hours that followed, both Ireland and parts of England, experienced violent electrical storms, torrential rain and severe flash flooding. In Birmingham and the Midlands, one whole month's worth of rain fell in just one hour. This caused serious flash-floods and even death. In parts of Ireland, people described witnessing thunder and lightning worse than they had seen in more than three decades of living in the Republic. Mainstream media reported over 15,000 lightning strikes hitting the ground from Dublin to London. Then, just yesterday, another month's worth of torrential rain brought flooding, tree-falls and sewage overflow to London and parts of Kent.

Loss of the Sense of Sin

Even as faithful Catholics prayed in reparation, pro-abortion advocates were out in Ireland taking photographs of the dramatic storm, which was at that time raging over their heads, and scoffing on twitter that God must have been angry about something... Again, in Birmingham, participants in the ''Pride'' march were tweeting that the dangerous weather was not going to spoil their fun.

Following the pro-abortion landslide, Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin Diocese, said on RTE that those who voted ''Yes'' should ''consider'' going to Confession. He also indicated that the decision as to whether such voters should go to Holy Communion without prior repentance and Confession of sins was ''a matter for their personal conscience.'' Knowing Bishop Doran's past record, I doubt if he meant it to sound so limp, but sadly it did.

The fact that Bishop Doran's response is the strongest we have yet seen on the matter from an Irish bishop, is indicative of the dire state of the hierarchy in Ireland.

It is tragic to hear a normally good pro-life bishop responding to such crass, large scale and murderous apostasy as has just been displayed in Ireland, in a way which makes it sound as though being a faithful Catholic and getting to Heaven, or instead becoming a Hell-bound baby-killing nihilist, were merely disparate ''lifestyle choices''.

In a way it seems churlish to criticise Bishop Doran because of his strong and self-sacrificial track record of defending the pre-born and because he looks to have been the only bishop to have, so far, spoken out in the media about ''Yes'' voters going to Confession at all. But even so, being merely asked to ''consider'' going to Confession after breaking God's Holy Law by voting to bring in abortion?!!!

At least Bishop Doran affirmed that he believed that to vote for abortion was a sin.

As if to add insult to injury, that celebrity priest to the stars, the media-friendly Fr. Brian D'arcy, a man who feels himself quite at home giving presentations in the lodges of freemasons, openly said the opposite.

On RTE's Radio One Drivetime, the modernistic Fr. D'Arcy attempted to reduce voting in the Irish Referendum to a matter of private conscience.

So, whilst Bishop Doran made it sound that way about going to Confession, Fr. D'Arcy makes it sound so for the commission of the sin itself. What are these, if not flip sides of the one post-modern approach?

And so, Fr. D'Arcy opined on air to countless Irish viewers, ''I wouldn't like to attribute sin in this matter, at all. It's the wrong language for this, because this isn't an issue about church law at all. This is an issue about how the State is attempting to treat all its people in an emerging way, in an emerging republic, in an emerging world... Each of us is having to struggle to find a way of accepting what is right for yourself, while also allowing what you couldn't allow for yourself to be allowed for others who might view life and its ethics and morality in a different way.''

Such confused wishy-washy gibberish comes straight from the very bowels of Hell. I think we all ought to bless ourselves with Holy Water and pray for Christ's Light after just reading that kind of post-modern, relativistic, non-sensical garbage.

I always remember the late Sr. Doreen in Liverpool reminding me, two decades ago, that the Church teaches that some things are wrong and sinful, because they are wrong and sinful in their very essence. Things are against Church law and teaching, because they are first of all against God's Ten Commandments. 

One priest in Dublin who did tell his people that they should go to Confession if they had voted for death, found his story in the papers. So rare was that kind of orthodox response! May God bless and protect that man.

Everything we have described above, points to the terrible loss of the sense of sin which so typifies the present age. What Evelyn Waugh described as ''our deplorable age''. 

Thanks be to God, all is not lost

Last night a good lady in Ireland sent us an e-mail containing news of a very important initiative happening right now in the Republic of Ireland. We would like to ask all our readers to take part in this and pray and do penance in reparation for what has just happened in Ireland.

The news relates to the excellent Rosary for Life and Faith group and their latest initiative for 40 Days of Reparation for Life and Faith.

It now seems that the Irish Government are pursuing a ''fast track'' to get the new abortion law moving before the summer recess, which is scheduled to commence on 13th July this year.

As you know, this is the anniversary of the date on which Our Lady of Fatima most strongly called for reparation.

As you also know, renewed attempts are now being made to push this abortion travesty onto Northern Ireland too.

And so, even as the politicians at Leinster House and Westminster discuss their plans, Catholics are being invited to respond by actively praying and making reparation.

In light of Our Lady of Fatima's requests for peace to be achieved by living the message of Fatima, and the call that Pope Benedict XVI made to Irish Catholics in the wake of the dreadful clergy sex-abuse scandal, the 40 Days of Reparation for Life and Faith provides a much-needed opportunity for genuine Catholics to do something positive.

Kathy Sinnott's promotion of 40 Days of Reparation for Life and Faith calls people to join in by making reparation for the wrongs done. You can do this by:-

Daily programme of reparation.

Holy Mass and Holy Communion, daily or as frequently as possible.

Holy Rosary every day (as the family Rosary where possible).

Eucharistic Adoration and/or visits to the Blessed Sacrament as frequently as possible.

Confession at least once during the 40 days, but more if possible.

Penance as in Lent. For examples: Fasting on water and bread on Fridays; doing extra prayer, or extra works of charity; giving up things one enjoys like certain foods/drinks/entertainments.

Reading and studying the Sacred Scripture readings from the Sacred Liturgy for each week.

Wearing the Brown Scapular - Putting on Our Lady's uniform.

Praying the daily 6am, noon and 6pm Angelus; and doing this with a visible sign - striking the breast/genuflecting at the key points marking the Incarnation.

Please Join in to Help the Good Catholics of Ireland - Wherever You Are!

Last night we watched another splendid video, which has been uploaded to YouTube by the good and faithful Fr. Marius O'Reilly of Cork. His video gives hope to suffering Catholics and calls all to respond with reparation and prayer, leading up over 40 days to a large Day of Reparation at the Shrine of Knock, to the Most Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, on Friday, 6th July.

Dear readers, the importance of this initiative of the 40 days of reparation and the final day of reparation in Knock cannot be overstated.

Let us do all we can to co-operate with God's grace, prove Who's side we are on, and make reparation for the widespread acceptance of the sin and crime of abortion being imported into Ireland.

Our Lady of Knock - Pray for us!

St. Patrick - Pray for us!

A Sacrilege Which Must Be Resisted by the Hierarchy and the Faithful Together

Torch of The Faith News on Tuesday 29 May 2018 - 00:13:11 | by admin

UPDATE: Since this story broke at Rorate Caeli, Bishop Ticona has categorically denied the claims as being calumnious. Nevertheless, Adelante la Fe has responded by doubling down on their original statement - issuing claims from witnesses, which they say have been handed in to the Nunciature of Bolivia as part of a detailed denunciation under oath. We ran with this story because, over several years, Rorate Caeli has always proved to be respected and reliable. At this time, we will keep watching the situation, with the good of the Church as our intention.

Another week, another major Francis-Scandal... Hey, it is Monday already!

Rorate Caeli has broken the news in the English-speaking world that Francis has announced that, in the consistory to be celebrated on the feast of Ss Peter and Paul on 29th June this year, he will raise to the cardinalate the above-pictured Bishop Toribio Ticona, of Corocoro, Bolivia.

The problem with that?

Bishop Ticona keeps a concubine, and lives with her as though man and wife.

Indeed, according to Rorate's reliable Spanish-language source, Adelante la Fe, the woman and her children speak proudly of themselves as Bishop Ticona's wife and kids.

If you still think I'm crazy for suggesting that the Red Communists have infiltrated the Church to the highest levels, then I do not know what would possibly convince you.

Be that as it may, this is a public, grave sacrilege and cause of scandal which must be resisted by both the hierarchy, the priests and the lay faithful together. That resistance must naturally begin with the cardinals. However, if again they will not do their job, then all real Catholics must expose this guy and his enablers and raise their voices in loud protest against the anti-Church in our midst!

You can take this article as marking the fact of our resistance.

As Catholics, we say No! to sacrilegious bishops who keep concubine's being elevated to the cardinalate.

We say No! to the underhand promotion of sacrilegious communion for adulterers.

We say No! to the underhand promotion of sacrilegious communion for Protestants.

We say No! to the denial of key Catholic doctrines and moral teachings.

We say No! to the unconscionable silences before the Culture of Death juggernaut and its enforcement of euthanasia, abortion and infanticide. 

Instead we say Yes! to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to Our Blessed Lady, and to All that is Good and Holy in the Sacred Deposit of Faith handed down to us from the Apostles.

We now call on all Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Lay Faithful to resist the Francis-led subversion of the Catholic Church.

Like so many in the last few decades, but particularly in the Francis era, this man is not worthy to be given the red hat and he must not be given it. It would be a sacrilege and a mockery of God, the Church and the faithful to allow this to happen.

Instead, for the sake of his immortal soul and the good of the faithful, he should be relieved of his episcopal status and duties, ordered to stop living in sin, and having supported his children into adulthood, ordered to live a life of retired penance and prayer in reparation for his sins, sacrilege and scandal.

Your Eminences, Your Graces, My Lords in the Hierarchy - Make it so!

True Catholics Around the World Say NO! to this travesty! A Thousand Times, NO!

Pro-Abortionists Vow to take Abortion to Northern Ireland - Precious Life Vows to Resist - Please Keep Praying for the Culture of Life!

Torch of The Faith News on Monday 28 May 2018 - 14:11:46 | by admin

About 15 years ago, Bernadette Smyth came to Liverpool for the visit of the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the area. I went with her and a few others to pray outside of the BPAS abortuary in Aigburth. It was Bernie's courage and challenging witness that day which led Angie and I to begin praying there and trying to offer pro-life help there when we could.

The Right to Life is Inherent; It is Thus Prior to Recognition by the State

Bernadette Smyth, the Director of Northern Ireland's Belfast-based Precious Life, has issued a clear statement in response to the Irish referendum.

Describing the majority ''Yes'' vote as ''heartbreaking'' and as ''the worst day in Irish history,'' Bernadette said the result had only spurred her and her team on to protect the pre-born babies of Northern Ireland.

She said: ''Ireland has had more than its fair share of tragedy, but the 'Yes to abortion' result of this referendum marks the most tragic day in Irish history. The Irish Government will now be quick to enact laws that will permit the killing of Irish babies.''

''However the fact remains that every unborn child still has the right to life. Yesterday, the Irish State acknowledged the right to life of those who are called 'alive but not yet born.' Today the State does not acknowledge that right. But the Constitution did not 'give' this right to unborn children. Every person's right to life is inherent, regardless of what corrupt laws the State may enact.''

Courage and Truth

When Bernadette came to Liverpool, I always remember the courage with which she offered alternative help to people entering the abortuary; whilst also showing them the exact reality of what abortion entails, and what it truly does to both babies and mothers.

At one point, she was rewarded for her efforts by a woman swinging a hefty punch in her direction! Bernadette performed a swift ducking manoeuvre and shrugged the attempted thump off, with a confident word or two about her Guardian Angel looking after her.

When an angry, young guy on a Harley Davidson stopped off to remonstrate with us, and began to work himself up into rant mode, Bernadette looked at him squarely and said, ''Basically, you believe in death then, don't you?''

Perhaps it was the clarity of truth expressed in her eyes, voice and confident stance, but the fellow suddenly scrambled back on his machine, shouted that, yes, he did believe in death and that he thought that there was nothing wrong with that.

Moments later, with a few twists of the throttle for added drama, he roared off into the distance with something to go home and think about.

It was a powerful moment of truth telling.

Ireland's New Reality

Facing people with such truths is one of the important aspects of the work of Precious Life.

And so, Bernadette's statement about the Irish referendum continues: ''The horrifying reality now is that from Donegal to Kerry, from Galway to Dublin, from Cork to Wexford, from Wicklow to Monaghan, there will be streets in Ireland with 'medical waste' bins filled with the mutilated bodies of little Irish babies. But Leo Varadkar, Mary Lou McDonald, and the other corrupt politicians who campaigned for a Yes vote; organizations like Amnesty; and Facebook and Google, will ensure that these bins filled with dead babies are kept behind closed doors, hidden from all those who believed their lies and voted 'Yes to abortion.''

Is the North Next?

One of the more disturbing things which happened during the massive and sick celebrations taking place at Dublin Castle on Saturday evening, was the sight of Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill and Mary Lou McDonald grinning for cameras, whilst holding up an improvised cardboard sign announcing: ''The North is Next.''

As Precious Life's Bernadette Smyth has stated, in the wake of Saturday's referendum result, ''Northern Ireland is now the beacon of hope to the pro-life movement around the world.''

She also cautioned: ''Before the official results were even announced, pro-abortionists were baying for the blood of Northern Ireland's unborn children. But we will not stand idly by in Northern Ireland and let pro-abortion groups, in collusion with pro-abortion politicians, try to legalize the killing of our unborn children by attacking our pro-life laws.''

Since yesterday, the mainstream media has been reporting that British Prime Minister Theresa May is now under increasing pressure to remove the abortion ban from Northern Ireland. From a pro-life angle, one positive thing which may prevent this is the fact that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), is firmly against abortion. What is more, the Prime Minister relies on their votes in Parliament. However, pro-lifers can not be complacent as The Independent is suggesting that her present refusal to change abortion law in Northern Ireland may lead to a government ''rift''. Such divisions can obviously be exacerbated and exploited by those seeking radical changes. 

Once again, we see an important moment in which our Catholic Bishops of England and Wales should speak out clearly and strongly in defence of the unborn. If they really want to be ''ecumenical'', then this would be a valid time to join with Protestant leaders in denouncing all attempts to export the Culture of Death into Northern Ireland.

The Defence of the Preborn Goes On

At least Bernadette Smyth is there, continuing to do what she does best: defending the lives of the unborn; and the souls and health of their mothers.

At the conclusion of her official press release on the referendum, she announces: ''The result of the referendum is heartbreaking but the battle continues. This referendum result will only spur on Precious Life to up the battle to protect the unborn babies under threat of abortion. We will continue fighting in Northern Ireland for the right to life of unborn babies - on the streets, in courts and in government. Precious Life will always be a voice for the unborn child when and wherever their lives are in danger.''

We Shall Beat to Quarters!

Dear readers, clearly this battle for the unborn in the Northern Ireland is now the next critical stage in the spiritual and temporal battle of our times.

Being as it is primarily a spiritual battle, though with obvious practical ramifications, it can only be won by having all activism founded in prayer, fasting and penance.

May Our Lady and St. Patrick give new heart to battle weary souls and rally the faithful in defending the Culture of Life.

A Note to Women (and Anyone Else) Who May Be Suffering After Abortion

One of the sad realities of a society which accepts abortion, is the fact that women who suffer post-abortion syndrome, or who receive the graces of repentance and healing, often find themselves with no-one sympathetic to talk to about their experiences. Therefore: to any women who may be suffering post-abortion, or being reminded of past-abortions through the events of this weekend in Ireland, we pray that you will not lose heart either but, trusting in God's love and forgiveness, find help and needed support. To that end, we recommend the work of Rachel's Vineyard - Please see our links page for the UK base.               

The Most Holy Trinity - Ireland - Prayers

Torch of The Faith News on Sunday 27 May 2018 - 22:48:32 | by admin

Like many of you, the dreadful  outcome of the Irish referendum has plagued our thoughts here throughout this weekend.

Today's Feast of the Holy Trinity has been especially poignant in light of our remembrances of the preamble to the Irish Constitution; which had been enhanced by the provision of the pro-life protections of the 8th Amendment in 1983.

Let's just recall that preamble for a moment:-

In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and states must be referred, We, the people of Eire, Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial, Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation, And seeking to promote the common good, with due observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured, true social order attained, the unity of our nation restored, and concord established with other nations, Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this constitution.

This preamble must be borne in mind as the backdrop to the disturbing statements of Ireland's homosexualist Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who suggested that the rejection of the 8th Amendment will be remembered, ''as the day Ireland stepped out from under the last of our shadows and into the light. The day we came of age as a country. The day we took our place among the nations of the world.''

How forgetful such words are of the fact that Ireland was, for many centuries, a veritable light to the nations through the sending of missionaries throughout Europe and, later on, across the whole world.

To those faithful Irish people who had voted to protect the 8th Amendment, Varadkar suggested that he would like to assure them that Ireland was still the same place as it was before, ''just a little more tolerant, open and respectful.''

In these words we witness one who, tragically, describes darkness as light, and the murder of innocent babies in the womb as ''tolerance, openness and respect.''

This is a frightening example of a phenomenon that, in all truth, is not only Orwellian, but also testifies to the deep spiritual darkness of these times.

It is to be lamented that, today, Ireland is being led by people who not only deliberately choose the Culture of Death, even to the point of celebrating it with a wild party-like atmosphere, but add to this evil choice and vacuity with the kind of euphemistic rhetoric which frighteningly attempts to depict darkness as light.

Compared to such as these puppets of the Soros-promoted New World Order, Eamon de Valera and his ilk, with all of their strengths, faults and great love for Ireland, appear as historical giants, who once strode the cultural, religious and political scene.

Today in Ireland, there are countless good and faithful souls who did what they could to protect and promote Ireland's pro-life laws.

We are blessed to know one or two of them.

As they were in the wake of the referendum of 2015, these people are again suffering deep lacerations in their hearts and souls today. We ask you to please keep them in your prayers going forward.

The preamble to the Irish Constitution, and indeed today's great Feast day, remind us that the Most Holy Trinity is the Heart and Centre of everything that is. Of all the doctrines and truths of the Catholic Faith, this is the centre, source and foundation.

As the Traditional Missal teaches, ''We see in the Holy Trinity the mystery of the eternal life of the Divine Being, Knowledge and Love. We should adore, bless and thank the Holy and Undivided Trinity, on which all depend, from which all truth, goodness and beauty proceed.''
13th June, 1929: In the convent chapel at Tuy in Spain, Sr. Lucia of Fatima received the vision of the Blessed Trinity and Our Lady. It was during this apparition that Our Lady asked for the all-important Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart; something which Heaven still awaits.

The Most Holy Trinity is an Eternal Communion of Divine Love. This is the very essence of what it means to say God is Love.

Make no mistake, although the preamble to the Irish Constitution cannot be effaced from history, the rejection of the 8th Amendment, and of the countless pre-born innocents who will now be destroyed in the Republic of Ireland, is fundamentally a rejection of God and His Love.

To refuse such love will not do anyone any good. It is madness to turn away from the Triune God; the Almighty God Who made us to know, love and serve Him in this life, and be happy with Him forever in the next.

As the priest preached at the Traditional Latin Mass which we attended today: as Christians who love the Most Holy Trinity, we must show that love to our neighbour; especially to the most vulnerable and weak, who need our protection. At this point, having already spoken out in his sermon against the repealing of Ireland's 8th Amendment, the good priest especially highlighted the innocent babies in the womb.

To celebrate the Feast of the Trinity, to lift the spirits of our readers and to call sinners back to repentance before the loving Triune God on this day, let us conclude with some words from the writings of that great Carmelite nun, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.

Oh My God, Trinity Whom I Adore

Oh my God, Trinity Whom I adore, help me to forget myself entirely that I may be established in You as still and as peaceful as if my soul were already in eternity. May nothing trouble my peace or make me leave You, O my Unchanging One, but may each minute carry me further into the depths of Your Mystery. Give peace to my soul; make it Your heaven, Your beloved dwelling place. May I never leave You there alone but be wholly present, my faith wholly vigilant, wholly adoring, and wholly surrendered to Your creative Action.

O my Beloved Christ, crucified by love, I wish to be a bride for Your Heart; I wish to cover You with glory; I wish to love You... even to dying of it! But I feel my weakness, and I ask You ''to clothe me with Yourself,'' to identify my soul with all the movements of Your soul, to overwhelm me, to possess me, to substitute Yourself for me that my life may be but a radiance of Your Life. Come into me as Adorer, as Restorer, as Saviour.

O Eternal Word, Word of my God, I want to spend my life listening to You, to become wholly teachable that I may learn all from You. Then, through all nights, all voids, all helplessness, I want to gaze on You always and remain in Your great light. O my Beloved Star, so fascinate me that I may not withdraw from Your radiance.

O consuming Fire, Spirit of Love, come upon me, and create in my soul a kind of incarnation of the Word: that I may be another humanity for Him in which He can renew His whole Mystery. And You, O Father, bend lovingly over Your poor little creature; ''cover her with Your shadow,'' seeing in her only the ''Beloved in whom You are well pleased.''

O my Three, my All, my Beatitude, Infinite Solitude, Immensity in which I lose myself, I surrender myself to You as Your prey. Bury Yourself in me that I may bury myself in You until I depart to contemplate in Your light the abyss of Your greatness.''
It is my prayer this night at the conclusion of the Feast of the Holy Trinity 2018, that these words will bring comfort, deeper conversion and peace to all who read them; especially to those in Ireland who have fought for the preservation of Ireland's pro-life laws and future innocent babies.

May God's peace be with you this night and restore You in His Love.

It is only in living deeply and interiorly in communion with the Most Holy Trinity that Catholics in these grave times will be able to accomplish the Divine Will and also to defend the Culture of Life.

Keep the Faith!

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Ireland's Revolution of Death - Do Not Call it Compassion

Torch of The Faith News on Saturday 26 May 2018 - 19:28:19 | by admin

The Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Tradition holds that St. Patrick converted the King of Munster here in the 5th-Century. In the following centuries, this remained the traditional seat of the Christian Kings of Munster. In 1101, the king donated the site to the Church; and the chapel which followed developed into a vast cathedral in the 13th-Century. In 1647, it was sacked by English Parliamentarian troops, who massacred both the Irish Confederate troops and the resident Catholic clergy. Today, it stands as a poignant reminder of the heights and wonders of Ireland's Catholic civilization.

UPDATE at 7pm UK Time: 12 minutes ago, the BBC has announced the fact that the pro-abortion vote has been carried by 66.4% to 33.6%. Their news is accompanied with images of exultant crowds, with cheering young women prominent amongst them. I don't know what they are cheering about. It is an evil day in Irish and world history. It only makes what follows more relevant. May God have mercy on us...

As I write this at tea-time on Saturday, counties in the Republic of Ireland are returning majority ''Yes'' votes, from the referendum on the 8th Amendment, with depressing regularity.

Although many pro-lifers seemed to concede defeat hours ago, and it seemed odd that many of the ''Yes'' voters were celebrating victory before counting even began, I have waited until now to make any comment as I have continued to hold out hope for a pro-life victory for as long as possible.

One of the more disturbing aspects of all this is to see - once again in such a struggle between the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life - so many people speaking in Orwellian sounding phrases, which attempt to empty the English and Irish languages of all rational meaning.

And so, we have the spectacle of politicians suggesting that the ''Yes'' vote is somehow a sign of ''compassion'' and ''cultural development''.

I mean seriously, have these people ever seen the brutal realities of what abortion truly is? Or the lives it destroys and those it also wrecks? Have they never heard of mortal sin, or even of post-abortion syndrome?

This is what makes the videos of people screaming to welcome ''Yes'' voters at Dublin airport, the photographs of smiling young mums voting ''Yes'' with babes in their arms, and the inane statements of so many politicians and pop stars so grimly disturbing and irrational.

To witness this is to be offended by the festering, yet sweetly sugar-coated, diabolical Hell of post-modern nihilism, in all its narcissistic violence.

This is the darkening of the intellect on a vast scale. It recalls the diabolical disorientaton, warned of by Sr. Lucia of Fatima.

I have been utterly flabbergasted by the sight of Senator David Norris, a man old enough to know better, grinning as he announces that, ''Ireland has changed. We are now firmly in the 21st Century.''

Oh, you are that, mate.

Then again, Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald sounded more strangely Orwellian when she described the ''Yes'' landslide as ''a clear message of compassion and progress.''

Or how about Naomi Long's remarkable description of it as, ''a leap in the respect people have for women.''

Perhaps, though, none of these was as oddly creepy as Simon Harris TD beginning a tweet with a smiley (!), before oozing, ''Will sleep tonight in the hope of waking up to a country that is more compassionate, more caring and more respectful.''

Really? I don't know how that fella sleeps nights. I really don't.

Look, let's say things as they really are, if the English and Irish languages are still to have any content whatsoever, in the midst of this ridiculous emptying out of meaning; which so typifies the post-modern collapse.

If you like:-

Call the ''Yes'' landslide Apostasy.

Call it a Betrayal of the Most Holy Trinity at the heart of the Irish Constitution.

Call it a kind of Blasphemy.

Call it an insult to Christ, Our Lady and the Irish saints, martyrs, missionaries and religious.

Call it cold Cold Blooded Murder.

Call it the chill embrace of the Culture of Death.

Call it Evil.

Call it False.

Call it the start of a Holocaust of the Pre-Born.

Call it Collective Insanity.

Call it the Suicide of a Nation.

Call it the Last Days of the Irish Republic.

But, do not have the temerity, the ignorance, or the downright, wretched arrogance to call it compassion, progress or respect!

No, not ever!

Some years ago, I remarked to my late friend Fr Mike Williams, may God rest his soul, that I could not understand the merry acceptance so many display when it comes to abortion. With the directness which so often typified his comments on matters of such gravity, he told me not to even try to understand it; for it is evil and one could only understand it by becoming a part of it. Best to be ignorant of such things and remain on the side of what is good.

I thought of that sound advice today when I tried to make sense of those merry makers cheering in videos as ''Yes'' majorities were announced from county after county, or perused on-line pictures of parents showing their small children collages made from ''Yes'' voting literature. In the end, I had to make the sign of the Cross and turn off the video as I observed young women screaming in adulation about the acceptance of something which will so offend God, destroy so many innocent lives, massively damage society, harden the hearts of many more men and women, and cause still other women to be used as mere playthings by the selfish lust of so many narcissistic men in these times of immaturity, non-commitment and excess.

Whilst it is clear that, as Save the 8th has charged, Google and others were denying the ''No'' vote advertising space, and we had a weird experience when our own web-security browser kept mysteriously blocking access to the Irish pro-life novena prayers, it is also difficult to know what to make of on-line discussion forum claims of older people being told they were not listed to vote, or else had ''D'' marked next to them to say they were not able to vote in the referendum, when they attended their local polling stations. I imagine that such complaints must be taken, with plenty of witnesses, to the nearest officers of the Gardai.

Again, I have to say that being a Catholic layman these days feels increasingly like being a parched and battle-weary bugler, calling in vain for reinforcements up on Custer Hill; or else as a tear-streaked Joey crying hopelessly for ''Shane'' across the desert.

I mean, for goodness' sake, when Alfie Evans was being forceably denied oxygen, fluid and nutrition, within a heavily cordoned and guarded hospital, I called out numerous times for our local Archbishop to get involved. I can't tell you how gutted I was to subsequently learn that, whilst he could not get down the road a few miles to support Alfie and his family, he had instead been over to Rome to speak about the case with Francis; and that he next managed to get the good priest who was helping the family unceremoniously booted out...

It is the same now with Francis and Ireland. One raises one's voice as best one can, only to find that Francis is ignoring the Irish landslide and tweeting safe little messages about love of God and neighbour. Well, let's make that concrete, shall we?

I've been thinking again this afternoon about the mysterious fact that, at the very moment that Our Lady appeared at Knock, on 21st August, 1879, She was facing silently towards both La Salette and Rome.

And, whilst elements of the overall La Salette apparitions dealt with prophecies of Rome, not without suppression by some authorities in the Church, Our Lady of La Salette was being officially given a Canonical Coronation on that very day. For that information, by the way, I am indebted to Gregory Johnson's series of articles on Knock at Tradition in Action.

This all seems to suggest that there is much more to the Knock apparitions than a mere feel-good, pop-culture kind of loveliness; which is how the shrine is too often presented these days... Clearly, this all needs prayerful discernment and ongoing reflection.

This is especially so, given the appearance at Knock also of the Lamb of God, St. Joseph, St. John of the Apocalypse and the angels; together with Ireland's present and tragic demise into a post-Catholic, Culture of Death. What was Our Lady really communicating to us in Her majestically, mysterious silence? 

The ''Yes'' vote landslide is a massive disaster for Ireland, for the unborn, for the world and for the Catholic Church.

Whatever else that is, and whatever deeper message Our Lady was trying to convey at Knock, as at Fatima and other places, the acceptance of abortion is certainly not compassion. Neither is it progress.

I sincerely hope that the Irish bishops and priests will warn their people tomorrow that, to avoid sacrilegious communions, those who voted ''Yes'' to abortion must repent, confess and make restitution before next presenting themselves for Holy Communion.

Alas, too few did so when the ''same-sex marriage'' referendum happened almost three years ago this summer.

We must all STOP offending God and, from now on, live as real Catholics. It is time for mediocrity to cease. May God convert and forgive us all!

Catholic Ireland is Falling - May Our Lady of Knock - Save us!

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