Welcome to Torch of The Faith

Torch of The Faith is an apostolate which seeks to joyfully impart evangelization and catechesis in a manner which is faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

What we offer in the service of the Church – 

We praise God that He has blessed us with gifts to use in His service and a sincere passion to share the Good News of Jesus Christ! We have worked together on First Confession and First Holy Communion preparation for children, Confession and Confirmation preparation for young adults and Marriage Preparation for engaged couples. 

Angeline has a creative, artistic talent for designing and making Christian cards and crafts, plus experience of leading workshops to help a variety of groups in parishes and schools to reflect on the Sacred Scriptures through art. She has also helped with preparing altar fronts and fabrics to facilitate the spreading celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.  

Alan draws on wide ranging pastoral experiences, a BA in Theology, an MA in Theology and Christian Ministry, experience of helping to form catechists, plus a gift for public speaking to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to groups of all ages in parishes, schools and colleges, universities and youth groups. 
We can be booked to help with catechesis or to present various topics, including, (though not restricted to), –

Back to Virtue! Christian Values in an Age of Chaos.
Behold Your Mother - The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life of the Church
Chastity and the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
Get a Life in Christ! (The 4-Dimensions of the Christian Life - Liturgy, Doctrine, Morality and Prayer)
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Source and Summit of the Christian Life
New Evangelization - New Life in Jesus Christ!
The Treasures of the Catechism
Pro-life Issues
The Universal call to Holiness 

Some examples of client feedback, for which we thank God -

'After listening to you today, I am going to go out and buy myself a copy of the Catechism!'

'Could have listened to you all night'

'This has helped me to understand more about my own life - thank you'

'I would normally have considered myself more on the liberal side but actually this morning has been the best thing I've been to in 7 years!'

'Thank you for a truthfully sound and solid presentation'

'We know that the Catholic Church says 'no' to this and 'no' to that but it’s good to know now why it does!'

'This evening was very informative - thank you'

'Hopefully we can hear you speak again - can you come back?'

'It was good for me to hear someone speaking with conviction about the Church’s teaching'

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