Women of Grace

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Angeline’s mum recently attended an excellent conference near the Marian shrine of Knock in Ireland.
Angeline's Mum - Jeannie

The conference was hosted by HLI Ireland and was dynamically led by Johnette Benkovich from the Catholic evangelization apostolate Living His Life Abundantly. Johnette is of course globally famous for hosting the EWTN show Women of Grace.
Johnette Benkovich

Jeannie enjoyed several informative presentations at the conference dedicated to tackling the problems of the New Age and other false spiritualities which have made major inroads into Ireland and present a serious challenge to the Church. 

In light of the fact that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the World, Johnette warned her hearers of the evil spirits working through Reiki, clairvoyant spirit mediums, transcendental meditation, acupuncture, reflexology and yoga. She warned against the Harry Potter books and films due to their clear inversion of good and evil and the prevalence of spell-casting presented within them.
Johnette called her audience to repent of any involvement with the Occult through these and other means and to go to Christ in the Sacrament of Confession and repent and confess it to Him there in order to find His true freedom and peace. To make the message very clear she spoke of a woman who had become so involved in alternative spiritualities that she also needed the help of an exorcist priest.

Our Lady of Knock - Pray for us!

Jeannie thought the talks 'were brilliant’ and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The feedback from others she met there was all excellent. Before leaving Jeannie made a donation to obtain a number of booklets to help spread the word about the spiritual dangers of Astrology, the Enneagram, Horoscopes, the Labyrinth and Palm Reading.
HLI Ireland are to be commended for arranging this very helpful conference which also included a day of healing for women and a day dealing with the power and beauty of authentic Catholic femininity. As you know, the book we give away at our Marriage and Family presentations was written by HLI Ireland's chairman Patrick McCrystal.
You can read more about HLI Ireland at http://www.humanlife.ie/ and about Johnette Benkovich and the Living His Life Abundantly and Women of Grace apostolates at http://www.lhla.org/
  We especially recommend the Past Shows of the Women of Grace series which can be viewed via the Video Library button at Living His Life Abundantly. These include an engaging set of discussions on extremely relevant themes including evangelization, healing, marriage and spiritual warfare.