Come Holy Spirit

Torch of The Faith News on Sunday 07 September 2008 - 01:35:48 | by admin

recusants_016.jpgWe were north of Liverpool today for the First Saturday at Holy Spirit over in Ford, during which Fr. John Harris preached touchingly about the Birthday of Our Lady; which feast will be celebrated on Monday. He explained that, in light of Jesus giving Her to us all as our mother through the Apostle John, she is thus mother to each of us as individuals and as a community. He invited us to celebrate Her feast days with the love and devotion that we would for our earthly mother. Fr. recommended the highest prayer possible on earth; the Holy Mass as a suitable gift to Her. For those who cannot make that, he suggested they perform acts of kindness and prayer whilst saying to Her; This is for you Blessed Mother. Fr. also spoke touchingly of the great pro-life activist Fr. Cyril Thomas, who died not so long ago. Fr. Cyril used to have such a relationship with Our Lady, that he called her, simply Mother. Fr. Harris invited us to approach the Blessed Mother with all the simplicity and love with which one approaches one's earthly mum. At the Consecration at Holy Mass, the silence and atmosphere were charged with the Presence of God amongst us. Thanks be to God for the Holy Catholic Faith. If you know anyone who is lapsed call them home so they may come alive again in the love of the Lord. There really is nowhere else to be this side of the grave... or t'uther!!!