Torch of The Faith News on Tuesday 13 January 2009 - 19:00:03 | by admin

smoking_and_abortion.jpgNow then... here's an interesting one!

We were over in Liverpool at the weekend to attend Holy Mass and visit with family and friends. We saw this remarkable billboard which is tackling the issue of smoking whilst pregnant.

So they're rightly saying that it's not OK to kill a baby or to make it ill by smoking... and yet we live in a nation which cruelly kills 4,000 preborn babies every single week...

Why can our society recognize the humanity of a baby in one case and not the other?

At least this poster powerfully demonstrates the humanity of the preborn baby.

Which reminds us - our American cousins are having a Novena (which began on Sunday) of Rosaries to pray against Barack Obama's so-called Freedom of Choice Act (which in reality aims to increase abortion, reduce restrictions on it, reduce the rights of pro-lifers and force all hospitals to cooperate with this grave evil).
So please pray a Rosary a day for this intention  -and join in the Holy Father's request that we pray for Mr. Obama to be 'enlightened'.