A Further Scaring with Bernard Haring!

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The late Sr. Doreen: One of those good souls that God's Providence puts in your path during the pilgrimage of this life.

A Providential Warning

In 1995, just a couple of years after converting to the Catholic Faith, I was blessed to meet an Augustinian nun called Sr. Doreen.

Sister was very open to the workings of the Holy Spirit and was also blessed with a keen awareness of the Modernist crisis afflicting the Church. She once said to me that her community had weathered some of the worst ravages of this crisis, by maintaining the traditional practices of religious obedience and the wearing of the habit and veil.

Sister reminded me to always stress that things are against the teachings of the Church, because they are first and foremost against the 10 Commandments; it is important for people to grasp that the Church does not just make up moral rules, but defends and upholds God's Holy Law.

Knowing that I was then a recent convert, Sister printed out a list of dissenting speakers/writers to be avoided in order to protect my faith. I am sure that this is where I first encountered the name of Fr. Bernard Haring.

Fr. Bernard Haring

That name will need little introduction to anyone who has tried to defend the true teachings of the Church, regarding the intrinsic evils of contraception, from the widespread culture of dissent which prevails in far too many places today.

The German Fr. Bernard Haring was, of course, one of the principle architects of that culture of dissent. Suppressed for his progressivism under Pope Pius XII, Haring was rehabilitated by Pope St. John XXIII. He even became a peritus at the Second Vatican Council; and was appointed to the commission which prepared the Vatican II Constitution, Gaudium et Spes.

Haring later rebelled against Humanae Vitae and criticized various aspects of papal teaching on sexual morality. His book Medical Ethics earned him the dubious distinction of having been investigated by the CDF.

Something of the gravity of Haring's rebellion can be glimpsed by recalling Sr. Doreen's maxim that things are only against Church teaching, because they are first of all against God's Holy Law.
The late Fr. Bernard Haring CSSR: One of the principle authors of the infamous dissent from Humanae Vitae.

''Charlie'' Curran and Il Presidente

It is also widely known that Fr. Haring became something of a mentor to that other troublesome dissenter, Fr. Charles Curran.

The tie-wearing Curran was himself investigated by the CDF, and prohibited from teaching in Catholic establishments, in light of his own strong rebellion in the areas of abortion, contraception and homosexuality.

Here is where things get a little bit more spooky.

Let's just take a step back to gain some perspective for a moment.

A few times, I've described one of the 1990's staff at Ushaw seminary by his nickname Il Presidente.

This priest dressed in lay clothes, spoke about Che Guevara in class, brought over the Marxist-connected ''liberation theologian'' Jon Sobrino, made the Marxist fist-salute a number of times in Sobrino's presence, helped maintain a seminary regime which described orthodox students as ''rigid'', hosted a seminary day for ''former priests and their wives'' and publicly harangued a group of us, during Sunday Mass, for the supposedly ''sectarian'' act of resisting a ''Mass-free day'' to celebrate the Millennium with local Protestants.

About 18-months ago, I also mentioned that this same man once gave us a class, purportedly based on the apostolic exhortation Pastoris Dabo Vobis; in which he called for future priests to replace the Hierarchy with a new decentralized ''model'' of lay leadership. By the way, that's not what you'll find written in Pastores Dabo Vobis... 

As I've hinted before, there are clear parallels here to some of Pope Francis' key behaviours, such as: his preferential treatment of leftist leaders and outright Communists over their Catholic, pre-born or other victims; his suggestion that offering Mass in Sweden would be somehow ''sectarian''; his frequent depiction of ''rigid'' seminarians and traditionalists; his recent meeting with ''former priests and their wives''; and his calls for decentralization in the Church.

What I've not mentioned here before, is that the man described as Il Presidente once boasted in my presence that he had spent time in the United States with ''Charlie Curran''. That is a most interesting link given the thread between Haring, Curran and, as we shall see below, Pope Francis.
Fr. Charles Curran, whose dissent from Humanae Vitae is notorious.

Democratizing the Church

Now, given his history of radical dissent in the area of sexual ethics, it is interesting to note that Fr. Charles Curran also speaks of decentralization of the Church and promotes a modernistic interpretation of the sensus fidelium.

Tracing this back further, we see that democraticizing the Church was another key aim of Curran's erstwhile mentor, Fr. Bernard Haring.

In an interview for the Milanese Corriere della Sera, on 28th March, 1993, Haring spoke of his dreams for a future pope in terms that were at once reductionist and globalist in intent: ''The new pope's mission would be to write a pastoral letter to all the citizens - of the world - to announce the changes he would like to make in the Church: the abolition of ecclesiatical titles, the Cardinals' purple and the diplomatic corps of the Holy See. Thenceforth it would be forbidden to call the Pope 'His Holiness', or the Cardinals 'Your Eminence'. Further, women should have the same rights as men and should be able to ascend to the priesthood.''

The Red Connection (Again)

If you have been reading this blog for long enough, you will know that I have spoken a couple of times about the so-called ''Pact of Metz''. This describes the deal that was brokered between the Soviets and the Vatican in order to allow Russian Orthodox prelates to attend the Second Vatican Council, on condition that the council made absolutely no condemnation of Communism in its official documents.

The fact that a number of good popes had already made such condemnations, and that so many Catholics and others were at that very time being harshly suppressed behind the Iron Curtain, only adds to the troubling aspects of this mysterious intervention.

So too does the fact that the famous Mitrokhin Archive exposes the fact that Msgr. Nikodim, the prelate who orchestrated this deal from the Russian side, was a KGB agent whose ecumenical endeavours were being used to further Soviet global goals...  

I mentioned earlier that Fr. Bernard Haring had been a chosen peritus on the commission which drafted the Vatican II Constitution, Gaudium et Spes.

In 30 Dias, Fr. Haring wrote: ''When around two dozen bishops requested a solemn condemnation of Communism, Msgr. Glorieux and I were blamed like scapegoats. I have no reason to deny that I did everything possible to avoid this condemnation, which rang out clearly like a political condemnation. I knew that John XXIII had promised Moscow authorities that the Council would not condemn Communism in order to ensure participation of observers of the Russian orthodox church.''

However coolly Fr. Haring might have liked to present these troubling facts, his name is forever associated with that non-condemnation of Communism; and that because of his own public admission.

Holy Matrimony and its Ends

During a talk at the Rome Life Forum in 2015, the excellent Catholic historian Roberto de Mattei exposed the fact that Fr. Haring, again in his capacity as a member of the drafting commission for Gaudium et Spes, managed to prevail on Pope Paul VI to have the issue of contraception left out of that key constitution's discussion of marriage and its ends.
The historian Professor Roberto de Mattei.

As de Mattei reflected: ''The most surprising aspect of Gaudium et Spes, however, is the lack of any presentation of the traditional order of the ends of marriage, the primary and the secondary... The institution of marriage, therefore, is defined without any reference to children and only as an intimate community of conjugal life. Moreover, in the succeeding paragraphs, conjugal love is discussed first (para 49) and procreation second (para 50).''

And so, we have Fr. Bernard Haring directly involved in the omissions of any Conciliar condemnation of Communism, any Conciliar teaching on contraception and it seems even in the omission of a traditional ordering in the presentation of the nature and ends of Holy Matrimony.

Of course, Pope Paul VI would take up the issue of contraception in Humanae Vitae. Not a few Traditionalists lament the fact that, though this key document did affirm the traditional teaching, it did not present the ends of marriage in the traditional order either.

Still, even this was too much for the likes of Fr. Bernard Haring who, not getting what he and others wanted, now embarked on his decades-long period of public dissent.

Francis Says...
All of this must form the backdrop to Pope Francis' disturbing promotion of Fr. Haring's life and writings during the 36th general Congregation of the Jesuits in Rome; an event which LifeSiteNews drew attention to a few days ago.

As is now widely known from LifeSiteNews' comprehensive report, Pope Francis suggested in his presentation to the gathered Jesuits that Fr. Haring was ''the first to start looking for a new way for moral theology to flourish again.''

In words which give an even more disturbing insight into Francis' approach in Amoris Laetitia, he suggested that, prior to Haring, ''The whole moral sphere was restricted to 'you can,' 'you cannot,' 'up to here yes, but not there'.''

During that speech, Francis also took up his frequent depiction of ''rigid'' seminarians and developed it in a new direction; whereas up to now he has focused on seminarians as individuals, this time he spoke in terms of the seminaries themselves.

Given the morally decadent and theologically bereft state of so many seminaries today, one can only shudder to think which of the few solid communities were in Francis' sights when he uttered the following self-contradictory statement: ''One thing is clear: today, in a certain number of seminaries, a rigidity that is far from a discernment of situations has been introduced. And this is dangerous, because it can lead us to a conception of morality that has a casuistic sense.''


To sum up: Pope Francis has praised Fr. Bernard Haring as someone who helped moral theology to flourish; when in reality, Haring was one of the principle architects behind the chaos which has caused so much harm to the tranquil reception of the Church's moral theology.

Not only that, but Haring was a key player in ensuring that Gaudium et Spes condemned neither Communism or Contraception; two of the key evils behind the destruction of the Church and Western civilization in recent times.

We now know from the Mitrokhin Archive that the global interests of Communism were being favoured by ecumenical endeavours; such as that facilitated by the Pact of Metz.

Fr. Bernard Haring also promoted the democratization of the Church, the Papacy and the sacred Hierarchy.

He was a key mentor of the radical dissenter Charles Curran. And in his turn, Curran was associated with the seminary priest we call here Il Presidente.

In this and other articles, the common threads of pro-Marxism, use of lables such as ''sectarian'' and ''rigid'', the democratization of the Church, the presentation of former priests as models, and co-ordinated dissent in the realm of Holy Matrimony/sexual morality have been clearly demonstrated.

I will conclude with two further points.

Firstly, in a report on the mysterious Pact of Metz, the Brazilian author Atile Sinke Guimaraes asked: ''How can the actions of the Prelates who inspired, ordered, followed and maintained the decisions of the Pact of Metz be explained? I leave the answer to my reader.''

Secondly, regardless of all this post-modern talk of ''discernment'' supposedly being able to replace black and white moral norms, I say this to those who try and subvert Christ's teachings, whoever they may be:-

Gentlemen, no man who truly loved God would wish to sin by using contraception.

Neither would any man who truly loved his wife wish to abuse, use or poison her body, much less destroy her immortal soul, with any forms of so-called contraception.

Then again, no man who truly loved his children would wish to have them destroyed through the abortifacient component present in so many forms of ''contraception'' today.

In the end it is not a question of discernment, but of love; for there are some things which are black and white.