Divine Intervention and Archbishop Vigano

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Just over a week ago, with the sacrilegious World Meeting of Families in full swing and the final preparations in place for the engineered Youth Synod, it appeared as though the Bergoglian assault had secured its key battle objectives and that the mopping up of the final redoubts of Catholic orthodoxy was about to begin.

And then, like manna from Heaven, the searing revelations of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano burst forth into the light, exposing evil and giving faithful Catholics a renewed and unexpected hope for the derailment of the whole wretched plan.

Who can doubt that the timing of this whole thing is, as The Remnant so discerningly suggests, an example of Divine Intervention?

Yet, it is an example which, whilst demonstrating the hand of Providence, also illustrates the great good that can be done when faithful Catholics do their part, as Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has done, and make a clear stand for Truth.

Just look how those implicated subversives are behaving in the wake of these revelations: Francis refuses to answer straight questions about his part; Wuerl initially does a spooky runner; Cupich obfuscates with red herrings about the environment, immigration and rabbit holes; whilst Maradiaga... Well, with startlingly outlandish hubris, Mariadaga suggests it is a sin against the Holy Spirit - as in the Unforgivable Sin folks! - to ask for the resignation of the pope.

I wonder if any of the St. Gallen Mafia had any such qualms of conscience...

Without a doubt, the Church is at a moment of unprecedented import. 

Although I had little time to post articles last week, I was aware of the news. Indeed, in those days, there were moments when the spiritual battle was so intense that the very atmosphere seemed that it might suddenly burst out in golden fire.

That, and the accompanying Good Friday anguish, was an experience that, like so many of you, I had also experienced in the weeks running up to, during, and just after the ''Robber Synod'' of 2015.

There was a particularly heavy sense of brooding in the atmosphere on Saturday evening.

And yet, whenever I thought of, and prayed for the safety of, Archbishop Vigano last week, there was a deep sense of ''cotton wool'' peace.

Truly God is with him.

May Our Lady and the Holy Angels protect and preserve him.

Yesterday, the courageous young priest at Holy Mass asked that, within this time of revelations and turmoil in the Church, the faithful pray each day the Collect prayer from yesterday's Traditional Latin Mass.

We reproduce the prayer here and invite all our readers to please join us in praying it for the defeat of the Church's internal and external enemies, and for the Church to come through this dark night with renewed splendour.

Collect Prayer for 15th Sunday After Pentecost in the Traditional Latin Mass: May Thy continual mercy, O Lord, purify and defend Thy Church: and since without Thee it cannot abide in safety, may it always be directed by Thy grace. Through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Who livest and reignest with Thee and the Holy Ghost, One God for ever and ever. Amen. 

The Truth is Coming Out! Keep the Faith!

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