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Replacing Christ with Francis?!!!

Rorate Caeli has drawn attention to a Zenit article, from 31st July, in which Francis' Candian friend, Fr. Thomas Rosica, uttered this statement, which is as remarkable as it is revealing:

Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants, because he is ''free from disordered attachments.'' Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of the first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone, or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture.

Quite frankly, what hubris, what heresy, what outright idolatry!

And indeed, what an embarassment of grovelling from Rosica...

So, does Rosica equate fidelity to Sacred Scripture and Tradition as a ''disordered attachment''?

And, at the same time, would he would have us throw over our holy religion in favour of making an idol out of one single, passing, individual, and rather aged, man?

With this, Rosica has even outstripped his own former distasteful hero-worship for the late and heretical homosexualist, Fr. Gregory Baum.

Clearly, Rosica's attachment to the person of Francis has even taken him beyond Scripture and Tradition into the realms of a home-made religion.

Basically, Rosica's attempt to overthrow Sacred Scripture and Tradition, yea even the Sacred Magisterium to boot, and thus replace these treasures with the passing and limited personality of Francis, is nothing other than a move to replace Christ with Francis.

What's With the Troubling Hand-Signs?

Alas, such far-out attempts to re-write the essence, content and mission of the True Catholic religion, in order to suit the shifting mores of post-modern relativism, is not only restricted to radical Canadian liberals.

All around the world, faithful Catholics have been asking why it was that Bishop Peter Doyle, the England and Wales Chair of the Bishops' Committee for Marriage and Family Life, attended a radically dissenting homosexualist conference, hosted by the Quest organization in the UK, this weekend.
And why it was that the said conference was being promoted with a poster that featured an adult male hand ''walking'' across a ''rainbow bridge'', made from children's building blocks, towards the similarly ''walking'' hand of a young child...

A typical reaction can be found in the words of Carrie Gress, an American wife and mother,  holder of a doctorate in philosophy, faculty member at Pontifex University, author of the The Marian Option, and regular blogger at The National Catholic Register, who remarked on twitter: ''As a mother with sons whose hands look like this, this ad isn't just creepy, it's an outrage.''

Of course, this notion of a ''rainbow bridge'' is itself a reference to the book written by the radical American homosexualist, Fr. James Martin SJ, who was featured as a keynote speaker at last weekend's Quest conference, alongside Bishop Doyle, Clare Watkins and the radical James Alison.

Some Background

International readers are probably aware by now that the radical Quest organization actually promotes homosexual pairings and activity within the Church. The group's ideology was considered so radical that Cardinal Basil Hume, himself a liberal-leaning prelate, banned the Quest group from the pages of the Catholic Directory.

For a long time, the late cardinal's ban could be referred to by Catholics faithful to the Magisterium. However, such an approach has been seriously undermined in recent times by the Modernistic Cardinal Vincent Nichols; who has met and posed for photographs with Quest's leaders and, as recently as last November, has even recommended Quest in a letter to all the clergy of the Archdiocese of Westminster.

Again, this is merely a continuation of Nichols' general approach, which has included his celebrating Mass for the ''LGBT Westminster'' group, regardless of expressed dissent from the Magisterium. Then, too, when asked on the BBC's Hardtalk show, in July 2010, whether the Catholic Church would ever accept ''gay unions'' or not, Nichols answered, ''I don't know. Who knows what's down the road?''

Of course, that was in the days when Pope Benedict XVI was still visibly in place and most of us had never even heard of Jorge Bergoglio.

More recently, during the troublesome Synod of 2015, Cardinal Nichols took with him as his side-kick to Rome the very same Bishop Peter Doyle, who has just attended the Quest conference at the weekend.

At the time, I noted that both of these men seemed to be very focused on the interests of the ''LGBT Westminster'' group, rather than on furthering the Church's objective teachings on chastity, marriage and family life.

I also asked what the connections were between the promotion of LGBT ideology in Rome, and the New-World-Order-constructing Socialist, George Soros.
For example, the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (!) meeting, which took place in Rome during one of the weekends of the Synod, on Saturday, 3rd October 2015 to be precise, saw Martin Pendergast acknowledging the strong support of none other than Cardinal Vincent Nichols for their efforts.

That widely publicised meeting was also attended by Peter Matjasic, a representative of George Soros' Open Society Foundations. This is one of the most influential funders in the whole world. According to the foundation's own website at that time, it had expended some $827 million globally, in 2014 alone.

Also present at that Rome meeting was the former Irish leader, Mary McAleese. Of her participation, Matjasic tweeted that she had given, what he described as, ''a compelling condemnation of Roman Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.''

Of course, like many others, McAleese has recently used Francis' attempt to change the Catechism's teaching on the death penalty to further this agenda.

And so, just days ago, she suggested to an audience at an LGBT film-festival in Dublin, that Francis had now ''exploded the myth'' that Catholic principles can not be changed. Indeed, she even went on to describe Catholic teaching on homosexuality as ''evil''...

This is the point things have reached in August, 2018, as Francis and his cohort prepare for their World Day for Families next week in Ireland...

Rewriting Catholicism?

Getting back to Bishop Peter Doyle, the prelate who attended the Quest conference last weekend in England.
Back during the days of that distressing Rome Synod, in October 2015, Bishop Doyle gave an interview on Vatican Radio, which reveals a pattern with notable similarities to Vincent Nichols' BBC interview, and to Rosica's notion of making up a new religion beyond that of Scripture and Tradition.

When asked about same-sex relationships, the bishop suggested, on Vatican Radio that, ''there is no room at the moment for a same-sex relationship.''

In answer to a follow-up question from the interviewer, Doyle went on to suggest that ''greater theological exploration of anthropology'' needed to be engaged and that this ''challenge'' would even require a further Synod of its own.

I wonder, could that be the purpose of the upcoming Youth Synod, with its subliminal rainbow flag promotional material?

After Bishop Doyle's radio interview, I pointed out that his statements constituted a denial of Divine Revelation, Dogma, Doctrine, Divine and Natural Law, Original Sin, Actual Sin, Concupiscence, Redemption, Grace, Nature and the Sacraments. As such, it provided an example of sheer Modernism.

Bishop Doyle's claims about developing a new ''anthropology'' are particularly noteworthy because, at a meeting of the dissenting UK group ACTA, on 27th February, 2016, as part of that group's Smelling of the Sheep Survey - No, really, I'm not making that up! - Bishop Doyle shared the floor with Fr. Daniel O'Leary.
This liberal priest has spoken before at meetings of both ACTA and Quest. He has also given retreats in the Archdiocese of Liverpool and presentations in the very shrine complex of Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland.

During ACTA's national meeting at Leeds in 2013, O'Leary had described one of the Catholic Church's central dogmas, that on the Fall and Redemption, as though it were merely a ''theological approach''.

Indeed, he depicted this ''approach'' as one that ''tends to be conservative, dualistic, safe, legalistic'' and even ''inadequate''. Remarkably, he also claimed it to be ''utterly destructive'' when presented as ''the only Christian story of our condition.''

O'Leary went so far as to suggest that it is the promotion of this ''theological approach'' which has led to the splitting of the Church.


With this related background, and Bishop Doyle's words about ''theological exploration'' of anthropology, plus his attendance at last weekend's Quest conference, we find ourselves coming right back to where we started, with Fr. Rosica's radical movement beyond Scripture and Tradition.

For clearly, if it were possible that the Divinely Revealed Dogmas, which stand at the very heart of the Catholic Church's understanding of Creation and the nature of the human person, were to be somehow overthrown and ''rewritten'' to suit post-modern relativistic mores, then that would no longer be Catholicism, but an altogether new religion.

Call it Bergoglionism, Francisism, Rosicaism, Doyleism, O'Learyism, or what have you, it would no longer be the religion founded by Christ, or sustained by the Holy Ghost, for the Glory of God the Father.

Instead, it would be merely a passing phase in sentimentality; a religious enterprise to please the religious feelings of those who still want to feel that they are loved by a loving God, but who do not wish to serve Him according to the revealed demands His Love actually places on us.

And it would be a perfect vehicle for those who are investing so much to do away with the Catholic Church's faith and morality; whilst harnessing her real estate, organizational structures, moral leadership and world-wide membership to further their own globalist agendas.

To sum up: it would be the very Heresy of Heresies.

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail!

Such an attempt may be troubling, it may cause the persecution of untold numbers of faithful Catholics globally, it may look to have the upper hand right now, but it can never, ever, win in the end.

That is because Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us the assurance of the One True Church, against which the Gates of Hell shall not prevail (Matthew 16:18).

Catholicism is a religion founded by Christ, sustained by grace and rooted in Divine Revelation. It clearly upholds both faith and reason in a logical and consistent continuity.

In contrast, the rewritings of anthropology and the Bergoglian breaches with tradition leave us only looking at the limited, passing and sinful personalities of those involved.

Only Catholicism gives us Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, our Divine Lord, Universal King and Saviour.

By way of a conclusion, perhaps those working to subvert the Church in these days, would thus do well to take heed of the words of G.K. Chesterton, who classically reflected: ''We do not really want a religion which is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong.''

Our Lady of Victories - Pray for us!

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