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Tuesday 04 September 2018 - 10:34:36

The Catholic News Service (CNS) and the Catholic Herald have put up an article headlined, Pope says 'silence' is the best response to 'people lacking good will'.

The sub-heading to that article suggests: ''The Pope advocated silence with people who only seek scandal, with those who look for division.''

Beneath those headings, there follows a remarkably anodyne article, which explains that Francis was speaking during a homily on the Gospel of St. Luke, 4:16-30.

The CNS and Catholic Herald article also acknowledges that it is just over a week since Archbishop Vigano accused Francis of reversing sanctions on Theodore McCarrick; and recalls that Francis had told reporters on 26th August to read Vigano's document for themselves and make their own judgments.

Who can now doubt that Francis' non-answering response was not only an attempt to dodge the questions, but also an invitation to his fellow-travellers in the media world to come to his aid? It was that phenomenon which I was pointing to in Saturday's article on Veritas!

Anyway, in the CNS and Herald article, we learn that Francis said: ''With people lacking good will, with people seeking only scandal, with those who look only for division, who want only destruction, the best response is silence. And prayer.''

That article also notes that, according to the Vatican News report, Francis had said that, with His silence, Our Lord had defeated the ''wild dogs'', and the devil ''who had sown lies in the hearts'' of the people.

He went on, ''This teaches us that when there is this way of acting, of not seeing the truth, silence remains... Because the truth is meek. The truth is silent. The truth is not noisy.''

To which, in the present circumstances, an honest person can only reply: NO, FRANCIS, NO! A THOUSAND TIMES, NO!!!

It is horrendously distasteful to hear Francis speak in this way; almost blasphemously likening himself to Our Divine Saviour and, given the context and timing, implying that Archbishop Vigano, and all others who want clear answers to Vigano's credible claims, are somehow divisive and evil ''wild dogs'' with divisive motives.

It is shocking to hear this kind of hubris and mud-slinging, when the whole world awaits an honest answer from Francis to genuine questions about what and when he knew about the serial sexual predator Theodore McCarrick; and also whether, knowing what and when he did, he nevertheless rehabilitated McCarrick.

It is beyond scandalous to hear Francis use the Sacred Scriptures, and even a homily during Mass, to try to elevate himself and to wound the truth-seekers in this underhand way.

Francis has been accused of covering up for a gravely abusive sexual predator, a man who has soiled not only his own priesthood and soul, but also the souls of countless other people; as well as besmirching Christ's holy Church in the eyes of the entire world.

Souls are being damaged and even lost because of all of this!

No, this is not a time when silence is virtuous.

It is a time for shouting out from the rooftops a demand for the truth and for justice to be brought out into the clear light of day.

And neither is this a time for the Catholic mainstream media to generate such lukewarm piffle, in the form of articles which merely give Francis and his minions such an easy pass. They really do this by reporting on these things in a detached manner, devoid of any critique and with headlines that even seem to support Francis. That's why, like so many of you, I don't waste my money on their blathering blandosity!

No, not when so much is at stake. It is just not acceptable.

So, Francis suggests that the truth is meek, the truth is silent, the truth is not noisy.

Well, actually, the TRUTH can sometimes be as forceful, loud and as searingly bright as thunder.

No amount of enforced silence will, eventually, be able to hinder the outright victory of truth.

How sinister it is to see this sanctimonious attempt to enforce silence, and at once to make oneself seem to be virtuous for the very act of refusing to answer honest questions from truth-seeking journalists.

How especially so, when it is just this sort of behaviour which has been used to ''gaslight'' so many child and seminary victims of the sexual abuse of evil predators, and those who have wickedly covered up for them, in the first place.

Wild dogs indeed!

You've probably already seen or heard about the on-line footage of a courageous woman repeatedly calling out ''VIGANO!'' from the crowd at Francis' Sunday Angelus in St. Peter's Square.

This follows on from the group who reputedly chanted ''Vigano-Vigano-Vigano!'' during last Wednesday's General Audience there.

As these examples demonstrate, this is not a time for collaborative silence, much less for self serving hubris; but it is beyond the time for the calm establishment of the truth of the case, by an integral and lawful examination of the facts proposed by that faithful son of the Church, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

And that must happen now!

It really must if we are to remain faithful to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, He Who is TRUTH Itself!
In the meantime, and seeing as I cannot get to St. Peter's Square myself, please permit me to use the remaining space of this article to add my own final word:- 


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