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Monday 27 August 2018 - 17:00:34

From questions about Amoris Laetitia on all the way to the Zika Virus, the ''Airplane Magisterium'' of Francis has so often been a veritable A-Z of confusion, contradiction and ''go read it for yourself'' obfuscation.

Francis' non-answer to the journalistic questions, posed to him on the return flight to Rome from the gravely sacrilegious and scandalous World Meeting of Families in Dublin, is in perfect continuity with that tradition.

We might even say that it may only be fully understood within that hermeneutical continuity!

It is, first of all, interesting to notice on the on-line video footage, how Francis immediately lowered his microphone and drooped his shoulders, when the lady journalist asked him to comment on the bombshell document, which had just been published by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

When asked the question whether it was true that Vigano personally told Francis about the behaviour of, and sexual abuse by, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, in 2013, and even that Pope Benedict XVI had imposed key sanctions on McCarrick, Francis did what he basically used to do when asked searching questions about Amoris Laetitia: He told journalists to go and read the statement through carefully for themselves and then make their own judgement.

Again, to the subsequent question, ''When was the first time that you heard about the abuses that the former cardinal had committed?'' Francis replied: ''Study and then I will say something.''

This failure to answer a simple and direct question is a dramatic revelation before the whole world.

No matter what happens after this to obscure or slight Vigano, or to hinder those who are seeking the truth, everyone with eyes to see has now witnessed this radical inability of Francis to provide a straight answer to an honest and direct question.

It has already been interesting, and indeed most disturbing, to see how various mainstream media sources, as well as the usual ''journalistic'' supporters of Francis, are already trying to undermine Vigano's sincere call for the truth to be exposed. They are doing this by slighting the archbishop's claims, and the work of faithful Catholics, without even first searching for the truth as one would expect authentic journalists to do.

Nevertheless, the truth is beginning to come out and everyone who cares for the truth will indeed read carefully through those eleven pages of Archbishop Vigano's letter and draw their own conclusions.

And Cardinal Burke has alluded that this will lead to legitimate ecclesiastical action.

Although I imagine that this is only the beginning of a very difficult and painful road for the Catholic Church and the persecuted, orthodox members of the faithful, it certainly looks as though the ''Airplane Magisterium'' of Francis has now begun to stutter out.

And by the reality of that refusal to answer a straightforward question - which could have proved or disproved his innocence involving a very grave matter - the confusions, obfuscations, and indeed outright errors, of Francis' whole ''Airplane Magisterium'' of interviews and acts on aeroplanes must be judged.

And, when the truth is established, likely his whole time in the role of pope, to boot.

Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle up your seatbelts; for I believe we are in for a very bumpy ride.

PS: That bit about the sanctions applied by Pope Benedict XVI to McCarrick certainly casts an interesting light on Cardinal Kevin Farrell's video denials of knowledge. 

The Truth is coming out.

Let us heed the words of Cardinal Raymond Burke, who has noted that the truth of each of Archbishop Vigano's declarations must be established and then appropriate sanctions must be applied: ''All good Catholics must pray and sacrifice for the Church at this tumultous time.''

Our Lady of Fatima - Pray for us!       

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