News Item: : Those Who Wilfully Commit Sacrilegious Heresies are Sacrilegious Heretics!
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Friday 06 July 2018 - 01:11:01

Catholic News Agency Deutsch is reporting that Francis' recently appointed Bishop Franz Jung of Wurzburg has just invited all the Protestant spouses, who are present and participating in two days of wedding jubilee Masses in his diocese today and tomorrow, to all come forward and receive Communion during those Masses.

With no exceptions whatsoever.

As we have demonstrated in earlier articles, this breaks Canon Law. More fundamentally, it is also against the clear and perennial teaching of the Council of Trent, which establishes that those who believe in and publicly promote sacrilegious communions are excommunicated by the fact.

In common with the German Judas-bishops Becker, Feige, Hesse and Bode, Bishop Jung is commiting a sacrilegious and heretical act on a large scale.

Indeed, Jung goes beyond even their sacrilegious heresy, because he does not even pretend to limit participation in communion to the supposedly ''special cases'' that others have spoken of.

Deacon Nick Donnelly, God bless him for saying it, has tweeted: ''This makes me sick to my stomach. The bishops and priests have been given a special trust by God -- to protect and venerate Our Lord given into their hands in the Blessed Sacrament. Woe to them if they betray this divine trust.''

This is the response of the true Catholic.

Francis, Marx and the other Hegelian game-players have enabled this by their subterfuge. It is a sin which cries out to Heaven. I wonder if Luis Ladaria thinks the red hat and silk were worth the cost...

If one looks back through the history of the Church, there are words for those who wilfully commit sacrilege and heresy.

Yes, they are called sacrilegious heretics.

Bishops Becker, Bode, Feige, Hesse and, most especially Jung, this means you!

The Catholic martyrs of the Protestant revolution, in all countries, died rather than betray or offend Our Blessed Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist. Instead, you casually cast Christ into the souls of non-Catholics. In this, you have shown that you are no longer spiritually living members of the Catholic Church, but that you have instead stepped over clearly into sacrilegious heresy. Your ''ecumenism'' stinks to high Heaven.

We want no part in your evil Crucifixion of Our Divine Saviour, nor of your assault on the 4 Marks of His Church, nor of your betrayal of faithful Catholics, nor of your cruel leading of Protestants away from truth and into sacrilege, error and confusion.

God will be your judge. Your souls, and the souls of many others who will follow your heresies and sacrilege are now in mortal peril. May you be given the grace to repent urgently and to correct these evils with a life of sincere penance and adherence to Christ in Catholic Truth. If not, Catholic teaching warns that Hell yawns open for your souls. We pray that you will repent! We pray that Protestants will not follow your evil, but will find their way in spite of you to Christ's One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

Lord have mercy!

Our Lady, Destroyer of Heresies - Pray for us!   

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