News Item: : Oh, What Torments Must the Heart of Jesus Endure!
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Thursday 13 April 2017 - 21:41:12

Gloria TV News has reported that the new Opus Dei prelate, Bishop Fernando Ocariz, has sacrilegiously spoken in favour of Holy Communion being given to adulterers, as though this were ''a new pastoral impulse'' following from Amoris Laetitia.

Such evil news, breaking even as the Church enters liturgically into the sufferings of Our Blessed Lord, demonstrates that the Catholic Church has certainly been infiltrated by her enemies to even the very highest levels.

We must console Our Lord Jesus Christ in His sacred Passion in this dark night for the Catholic Church.

To help us, here is a timely reflection from the classical writings of St. Alphonsus de Liguori.

The Bloody Sweat and Agony Suffered by Jesus in the Garden

We read in history that several penitents being enlightened by divine light to see the malice of their sins, have died of pure sorrow for them.

Oh, what torment, then, must not the Heart of Jesus endure at the sight of all the sins of the world, of all the blasphemies, sacrileges, acts of impurity,and all the other crimes which should be committed by men after His death, every one of which, like a wild beast, tore His Heart separately by its own malice?

Wherefore our afflicted Lord, during His agony in the garden exclaimed, Is this, therefore, O men, the reward that you render me for my immeasurable love? 

Oh, if I could only see that, grateful for my affection, you gave up sin and began to love me, with what delight should I not hasten to die for you! But to behold, after all my sufferings, so many sins; after so much love, such ingratitude; - this is what afflicts me the most, makes me sorrowful even unto death, and makes me sweat pure blood: And His sweat became as drops of blood trickling down upon the ground (Luke 22:44). So that, according to the Evangelist, this bloody sweat was so copius that it first bathed all the vestments of our Blessed Redeemer, and then came forth in quantity and bathed the ground.

Ah, my loving Jesus, I do not behold in this garden either scourges or thorns or nails that pierce Thee; how, then, is it that I see Thee all bathed in blood from Thy head to Thy feet?

Alas, my sins were the cruel press which, by dint of affliction and sorrow, drew so much blood from Thy Heart.

I was, then, one of Thy most cruel executioners, who contributed the most to crucify Thee with my sins.

It is certain that, if I had sinned less, Thou, my Jesus, wouldst have suffered less. As much pleasure, therefore, as I have taken in offending Thee, so much the more did I increase the sorrow of Thy Heart, already full of anguish. 

How, then, does not this thought make me die of grief, when I see that I have repaid the love Thou hast shown me in Thy Passion by adding to Thy sorrow and suffering? 

I, then, have tormented this Heart, so loving and so worthy of love, which has shown so much love to me.

My Lord, since I have now no other means left of consoling Thee than to weep over my offences towards Thee, I will now, my Jesus, sorrow for them and lament over them with my whole heart.

O, give me, I pray Thee, so great sorrow for them as may make me to my last breath weep over the displeasure I have caused Thee, my God, my Love, my All.

The sacrilege and heresy being spread by false shepherds causes faithful Catholics grave spiritual suffering. May none of us waste this suffering. Instead, may we thank God for it; because it shows that, by His love, grace and mercy, we truly love Him. Then, may we all join our sufferings with His in reparation, and for the conversion of poor sinners.

Jesus I Trust in Thee!

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