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Monday 13 March 2017 - 12:19:59

Sacrilege and scandal: Francis and Welby giving a ''mixed blessing'' in Rome last October. During that week, the dome of St. Peter's was struck by lightning on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. God will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

Last October, we wrote about the travesty of Justin Welby being permitted to ''bless'' the congregation at Vespers alongside Pope Francis in Rome. At the time, we recalled that Pope Leo XIII's papal bull Apostolicae curae had magisterially declared that Anglican orders were ''completely null and utterly void''.

In layman's terms, (excuse the pun), that means that Justin Welby has no more power to impart a blessing, with or without a Catholic prelate, than does your neighbour's pet cat.

Acts and images like that above are therefore sacrilegious and scandalous. They offend God, hurt the sensitivities of Catholics and spread confusion about the True Faith.

In May 2015, I had been explaining to a Catholic gentleman in his 80's why it is not correct for a Catholic to receive a ''blessing'' from an Anglican minister. Imagine how undermined I felt, and how confused that poorly catechised chap must have been, to see a picture being released around that time, featuring Pope Francis bowing to receive just such a thing from Justin Welby.

That was all bad enough, but the above-pictured spectacle of the pair of them giving a blessing to a mixed congregation in Rome, whilst wearing mitres and copes, was even more of a grave travesty.

Perhaps even this will be topped at 3pm Rome time today, when a service of Anglican Evensong will take place in the heart of the Catholic Church at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

I remember Anglican Evensong from the days of my Protestant youth. At its core is the singing of the Psalms in charming Anglican plainchant. No Catholic would have any problem with that aspect, which has parallels with the Catholic Church's own Vespers ceremony. Indeed, at the emotive level, the phrase ''Anglican Evensong'' recalls for me a childhood montage of happy Sunday afternoons, parents and siblings, aunties and uncles, flickering candles and stained glass, ham salads and bags of toffee.

This, however, is where one's reason must kick in. For I also remember being taught about Anglican cassocks featuring 39 buttons to symbolize the 39 articles of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

That is the very prayer book in which Anglican Evensong is found. It was designed by the Anglicans after the Roman Missal and Breviary had been supplanted by the English Reformation, which had forcefully banished the Catholic Church from these isles.

The 39 Articles are particularly objectionable to Catholic Truth, because of their heretical claims which include: the suggestion that the Church of Rome hath erred; the denial of Transubstantiation; the promotion of versions of Luther's Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide; the acceptance of only Baptism and the ''Lord's Supper'' as being sacraments; and the idea that the English monarch, as opposed to the Pope in Rome, had authority as ecclesiastical head within the English realm.

Clearly, it would thus be an affront to God and to the Holy Catholic Church which Christ founded, to hold an Anglican ceremony rooted in these heretical notions within the hallowed walls of any Catholic church; never mind in the principal church of our faith. No wonder members of the Anglican Ordinariate, which is in full communion with Rome thanks to Pope Benedict XVI, have expressed the fact that they feel seriously undermined by the scheduling of today's event.

And yet, such objective truth notwithstanding, the English Archbishop Arthur Roche - who is at present the deputy head of the Congregation for Divine Worship - will take part in a full service of Anglican Evensong from the heretical Book of Common Prayer at the very Altar of the Chair of St. Peter in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome at 3pm local time today!

If one takes into account Archbishop Malcolm McMahon's welcome of compulsory ''relationships and sex-education'' for four year olds and upwards, together with Cardinal Vincent Nichols' promotion of the sacrilegious Malta-Gozo guidelines, then this represents the third major affront to Catholic Truth by an English prelate in as many weeks...

I am pleased to see that the Rapid Response Team from the American Fatima Center (US spelling), together with international members of the Militia of the Immaculata, will be leading prayers of reparation for this sacrilegious event at St. Peter's Basilica at 5:30pm Rome time today. They will also be raising awareness by distributing copies of their helpful leaflet, Ecumenical Madness.

I have just skimmed a copy of this leaflet on-line and completely agree with its warning that such events as this were always forbidden by the official Magisterium of the Catholic Church, because they expose Catholics to false doctrine and practice, whilst also implying to non-Catholic participants that there is no need to convert to the Catholic Faith to be saved. And yet, as the Church has always taught: extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.

Of course, the main reason such events are wrong is because they offend against Almighty God, Who has established One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church for the salvation and sanctification of all. In an on-line video, the Fatima Center's Joanna Swords calls for Rosaries of reparation to be prayed, whilst also warning about the dangers of divine chastisement for this gathering in St. Peter's.

Her prescient words call to mind for me the time that the renowned Cardinal Desire-Joseph Mercier of Belgium reflected that the horrors of the First World War were God's punishment on the earth, specifically for the sin of men attempting to place the One True Church on the same level as false creeds.

And yet, things are now much worse in our day. That should make us all more aware of what is now happening at the spiritual level.

In the prophetic warnings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich we read of heretics of every kind being welcomed in Rome and of everything that pertains to Protestantism gaining the upper hand for a while.

Blessed Anne Catherine also warned of the infiltration of the Church by members of the ''illuminati'' sect. How spooky is that, when one recalls that Francis and Vincent Nichols' good chum Justin Welby recently allowed the Freemasons to hold a secretive 3-hour Freemasonic ceremony in the ancient Canterbury Cathedral? Let us remember that Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich also called on all faithful Catholics to ''pray for the church of darkness to leave Rome.''

Please join us in doing just that by praying prayers of reparation today, in union with the Fatima Center and the Militia of the Immaculata.

Ss Peter and Paul - Pray for us!

St. Pope Pius X - Pray for us!

Bl. Pope Pius IX - Pray for us!

Pope Leo XIII - Pray for us!

St. Frances of Rome - Pray for us!

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