Newflash - Prayer Urgent for Catholics in Vietnam!

Torch of The Faith News on Monday 22 September 2008 - 18:05:47 | by admin

patrick_and_cross_001.jpg!Please pray for the Catholics of Hanoi!

Independent Catholic News is reporting that the authorities in Hanoi have begun to demolish the Apostolic Nunciature building and have laid seige to the Archbishop's Residence, St. Joseph's Seminary and the Convent of the Sisters of The Adorers of the Holy Cross. Government vehicles are also using blocking technology to prevent mobile phone signals to the Archbishop, whilst the seige is imposed by police, militia and security personnel with dogs.

The bells of Hanoi Cathedral are being tolled at intervals to call for prayers and thousands of Catholics have taken part in peaceful, prayer demonstrations on the streets.

Please join our hearts and prayers with our brothers and sisters in Christ in their hour of need!