Merry Olde England!

Torch of The Faith News on Sunday 07 September 2008 - 01:16:05 | by admin

recusants_015.jpgWe also managed to whizz across to St. Mary's Parish in Little Crosby. This is a key location in the defence and handing on of the Catholic Faith in British culture as the local Blundell family were recusants who maintained the Faith throughout the persecutions of the English Reformation. As such, Little Crosby is thought to be the oldest extant Catholic village in England.
This then is the Catholic Parish Church of St. Mary's which was completed by AW Pugin in 1847. Sadly, the Church was locked today which prevented us from praying and admiring the beautiful interior. However, the parish has a web site under development which features the fine ceiling and the historical mural in the side chapel. We prayed across the street and asked for the intercession of the English martyrs for the reconversion of Great Britain back to God and His One True Church.