From Anathema to Dialogue? Making Sense of Present Events

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The paedophile-protecting Cardinal Daneels receives a freemasonic knuckle handshake from the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium.

The Lepanto Institute is reporting on something which Tradition in Action also reported back on the 23rd June, 2013. 

In 2008, Belgium's Cardinal Godfried Danneels spoke publicly about his attendance at the Belgian Masonic Lodge to give a talk; and of his wearing the white ritual Masonic garb of Freemasonry to do so.

His revelation was made during a cordial 'debate' with the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium, during the annual Brussel's Book Fair of 2008. The revealing title of the event was From Anathema to Dialogue.

During the event, Daneels and the Grand Master agreed on some principles, which are clearly at odds with Catholic Truth: they claimed that religion should not influence temporal society and that it was good for Freemasonic meetings to be secretive.

At the end of the discussion, Daneels attended the Freemasons' bookstall, received the Freemasonic handshake, as pictured above, and purchased copies of How to Become a Freemason in the Grand Orient of Belgium and The Treasures of the Temple.

Perhaps this gives a little more context to the facts that: Daneels has publicly spoken of being part of a ''mafia'' against Pope Benedict XVI, which desired to ''modernize'' the Catholic Church; has been recorded trying to silence a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of one of his close friends in the episcopate - and yet has never been disciplined, either in the state or the Church, for this crime; tried to get the Belgian King to vote in favour of abortion; issued a paedophilic ''catechism'' to the young children in his diocese; resisted parents who campaigned against this; had a friend as papal nuncio who was able to get the local police to threaten protesting parents with a water cannon; and has spoken out in favour of sodomitical pairings.

Odd too, that Pope Francis has elevated the scandalous Danneels to be the second in charge of the Synod on (against?) the Family in Rome.

That is not all: the Lepanto Institute recalls that Bibula Pismo Neizalezne spoke of Archbishop Pontier of France as a member of the Grand Orient de France, when he was elevated to Marseilles in 2013. At the time, the French Freemasons publicly praised the choice of Archbishop Pontier.
Earlier this year, Ed Pentin revealed that Pontier took part in the so-called ''Shadow Synod'' with the likes of Cardinal Reinhard Marx; a shadowy group who plotted to sway the Synod on issues like same-sex pairings. As Archbishop of Marseilles, Pontier is listed at the head of the Bishops' Conference of France on the official attendance list for the present Synod in Rome.

Spooky hey?

We are not saying that Pope Francis is a Freemason. However, it is strange that such public partakers in Masonic ideology are not only not corrected and prevented, but are even promoted to key places in the Church and the Synod.

It will be remembered that Freemasonry has always been implacably against the Catholic Church. It is also worth remembering that, in 1738, Pope Clement VII announced automatic excommunication for any Catholic who took part in Freemasonry. This brings us back again to the revelations made to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich about excommunicated prelates, who seem not to care about the state of their souls. Blessed Catherine even spoke about the rise of Illuminati Freemasonry within the Church; and of prelates, ''joining associations, taking part in enterprises... adhering to opinions condemned by the Church, (they) are really excommunicated by that fact itself.''

A few years ago, we read a copy of John Vennari's booklet, The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita - A Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of the Catholic Church.

If you haven't already read it, we suggest that it is well worth getting hold of a copy; because it draws on documents belonging to the Freemasons themselves.

Some years ago a gentleman in his early 70's converted to the Catholic Faith and was received into the Church in a parish local to us. A few years later he died and his funeral was arranged. One day, a holy lady who had been involved in his reception as a Catholic came up to me with a deeply troubled expression on her face. She told me that the Freemasons had suddenly come forward, claimed the gentleman as their own and prevented him from having a Catholic funeral and burial. There was nothing that anyone could do.

Readers, this is serious stuff. In 1917, St. Maximilian Kolbe was in St. Peter's Square in Rome when a Masonic bicentennial celebration took place. The great saint saw banners bearing the words: ''Satan must reign in the Vatican. The Pope will be his slave.''

As we said above, we are not saying that Pope Francis is a freemason. Indeed, John Vennari's booklet shows that, for the Freemasons, the ideal is to have a man advancing the ideals of freemasonry without actually knowing that he is. Still, it is disconcerting that the Italian Freemasons publicly praised his election, in the way the French Freemasons publicly praised Archbishop Pontier's. It is also extremely strange that Pope Francis and all the other cardinals and bishops are tolerating the presence of these scandalous men in the Synod. 

Please, keep praying the Rosary for the Church and the Synod; and please also pray for our protection.

Long Live Christ the King!