High Flyers!

Torch of The Faith News on Thursday 18 September 2008 - 12:31:41 | by admin

flying_saints_003.jpgHonestly - the lengths we go to for this Blog! Today is the Feast of another  great Franciscan monk and saint; Joseph of Cupertino (1603 - 1663). This gentle and kind soul was nicknamed the 'Flying Saint' after entering an ecstatic state, and soaring above the crowd during the procession on the Feast of St. Francis during his 27th year! From then on he would be raised from the ground during Holy Mass; on hearing the holy names of Jesus or Mary; or when singing hyms on the feast of St. Francis. He had a similar experience when bending down in humilty to kiss the feet of Pope Urban VIII. Only the order of his superiors could bring him out of the ecstasy and back to earth!
St. Joseph was not by any means a natural scholar, but was infused with supernatural knowledge whenever called upon to answer intricate questions. For these reasons students and aeroplane passengers frequently implore his intercession. (Indeed, he is named as patron saint of air travellers). Being blessed with the odour of sanctity, he experienced the offensive stench of souls who were not living in the State of Grace and would encourage them to repent and make a good confession.

flying_saints.jpgOur other 'high flyer' for today is Piers Shepherd whom we have learned is back in England safe and well after completing and graduating from his 3 years of study at Franciscan University of Steubenville. A fellow Brit, one of Piers' years of study overlapped with one of ours; meaning that we could keep up the British side together in the Sacraments class!

Piers has, as we say over in Liverpool, a lot of bottle (read courage). A classic story is his hosting of a pro-life stand at the freshers week at his English university some years ago. He was ejected from the building by the powers that be. Undeterred he pitched his stall outside the main entrance and continued there quite amicably. That is until some 'open minded' sort tried to ignite his display. Ah, the wonders of free speech...

Piers would be an asset to any potential employers; he has a BA in Film and Media, the MA in Theology and Christian Ministry and is a truly committed Catholic.

Welcome back Piers old chap; Blighty sure needs you!  

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