The Cascading Descent of Revolution

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The bishops at the World Meeting of Families presenting a spectacle of frivolity, somewhere between a circus, a sports fixture and a pagan ceremony. At last night's Mass, whilst bedecked in the pinkish set of ''swirl'' vestments, the American homosexual activist, Deacon Ray Dever, stood alongside Theodore McCarrick's long-time house-mate, Cardinal Kevin Farrell...

I've been reading LifeSiteNews' overview of Dr. Thomas Ward's presentation at Lumen Fidei Institute's Catholic conference; an orthodox alternative to the official, and clearly pro-homosexual, World Meeting of Families in Dublin.

It is certainly notable that, with 400 attendees, the alternative family-friendly event pulled in double the number that attended for Cardinal Vincent Nichols' presentation at the official Francis-Vatican sponsored event.

From what I have read of his presentation, the good Dr. Ward has made a very accurate prognosis of the situation now facing the Church and society, as well as the historical context which has brought everything to this distressing point.

This is something I speak of in terms of a cascading descent of revolution.

And so, Dr. Ward asks whether we are witnessing ''an intent at a Vatican revolution which would be a culmination and fulfillment of all three previous revolutions (French, 1789), Communist (1848), and sexual (1968).''

To which I would only add the earlier 16th-Century Protestant Revolution, which contained the seed of these later revolutions in germ-form and paved the way for them.

All faithful Catholics now find themselves in an excruciating position of seeing the One True Faith infiltrated, obscured, subverted and maligned.

Francis, his entourage and their liberal fellow travellers throughout the Church are out in the open taking as many opportunities to undermine the Faith and the faithful as they possibly can. They do this by their words, their actions and the photographic visuals for which they pose during these kind of events.

Worse still the defence of the Faith, which continues to fall on less than a handful of prelates, and a small number of suffering clergy and lay people around the world, takes place in the midst of a hostile cultural situation, with an increasing propensity for persecution.

It is certainly revealing of the true nature and mission of Francis that his choice of words, actions and supporters increasingly exposes orthodox Catholics to the grim winds of persecution.

For example, at the World Meeting of Families, Francis has given a platform for his homosexualist friend James Martin SJ to promote homosexual ideology within the Church, complete with the LGBT nomenclature, at an official Catholic event.

Yet, when Catholics stand up to defend the Faith and souls with the full catechetical teachings of the Church, Martin labels them, and this in mainstream media, as ''haters''.

Not only is this an unjust label which misrepresents the motivation of orthodox Catholic commentators, but it is also a dangerous one to put about in jurisdictions which increasingly interpret such defences of traditional morality as ''hate crimes''.

Then, too, Francis' identification of ''clericalism'' as the central cause of the unfolding sex-abuse and cover-up crisis, ignores the fact that, in around 70% of the recently revealed cases, the clericalism in action was only a secondary problem to the fact that homosexual men were abusing post-pubescent males and being protected after doing so by their superiors.

That is merely a statement of the evidential facts.

Again, such targeting of ''clericalism'' is itself a loaded term in a liberal environment which, unjustly, confuses clerical abuse of power with the legitimate expressions of clerical life.

For example, many orthodox Catholic priests and seminarians are already persecuted for supposed ''clericalism'', just because they wear the Roman collar and cassock, comport themselves reverently in a priestly manner, hold to the male hierarchical structure of priestly authority, and order their lives, personal prayer, liturgical practice and pastoral activities around the canonical norms of tradition.

It is easy to see how the unjust identification of ''clericalism'' in relation to these men will only be accelerated by Francis' un-nuanced application of ''clericalist'' guilt in his recent Letter on the Sex Abuse Crisis.

Indeed, such is already happening; as was witnessed in the since-removed tweet by a certain ''Brother Joseph'', who tweeted: ''If you guys want to lessen the clericalism in the Church, then STOP the Extraordinary Form mass: it is clerical worship through and through.''

By the way, that use of a small ''m'' for Mass looks telling in itself.

Actually, one of the key reasons that so many Catholics are rediscovering their true liturgical patrimony, is to enable them to worship the most holy and infinite Triune God without the hindrance of man-centred liturgies.

It is, rather, the too-frequent experience of the Novus Ordo culture, to find priests who think and act as though they were themselves at the centre of all things. The internet is replete with video evidence of this disturbing phenomenon.

Beyond this, Francis arrives in Dublin today for the concluding period of the World Meeting of Families; on a weekend which marks the third month since that very city witnessed the enormous and diabolical ''celebration'' of Ireland's deathly abortion referendum.

And yet, as the picture and caption above portray, the bishops are brazenly parading themselves at the WMOF in Dublin, bedecked in frivolous vestments which, whilst being at once inappropriate for the dignity of either their office or the Sacred Liturgy, also demonstrate an acute lack of awareness of the gravity of these times.

And this is happening even when some members of the hierarchy who are in attendance are themselves being investigated due to the unfolding sex-abuse/cover-up scandal.

Instead of the penitence of liturgical purple, they thus present a spectacle which falls somewhere between a circus act, a sports fixture and a pagan ceremony.

One is reminded of the awe-inspiring words of St. Padre Pio, spoken to a man who had presented himself before the saint in an initially unrepentant state. St. Pio fixed his eyes penetratingly on his soul and asked, ''Do you not realize when the hand of God is upon you?''

What the Church, the unborn, the family, the peoples of Ireland, and the entire world needed from this event was an authentic public demonstration of penance and reparation, as well as a dramatic call to conversion and repentance.

Instead, we are witnessing, as did the people in the days of the collapsing Roman Empire, nothing more than bread and circuses.

When one recalls Ireland's glorious past, with the sending of monastic missionaries across Europe and the globe, and then compares all of that to Francis' junket to Dublin, it becomes clear that we are reaching an unprecendented nadir for the Catholic Church in particular and Western civilization in general.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Dr. Thomas Ward wondered whether, with the removal of parental rights and the scandalous case of little Alfie Evans, we have now entered into the last battle.

The final battle over marriage and family.

The definitive battle between God and the enemy of souls.

Dr. Ward concluded by reminding his hearers not to be afraid, for they have the Queen of Heaven with them.

Given the frivolity and radical dissent which has so sadly subverted the previously-orthodox tradition of the World Meeting of Families, it seems appropriate to conclude with the words of Sr. Lucia of Fatima to Fr. Fuentes from 1959.

In an interview during which she also spoke of the final battle, Sr. Lucia said:

We should not wait for the Holy Father's call to penitence for the whole world to come from Rome; neither should we wait it for it to come to us from the bishops in their dioceses, nor from the religious orders. No, Our Lord has already, very often, used these means and the world has not paid attention. This is why it is now necessary for each one of us to reform himself spiritually. Each person must not only save his soul, but also the souls that God has placed in our path...

...Regarding the Holy Rosary, look, Father, the Most Holy Virgin, in these last times in which we live, has given a new efficacy to the Holy Rosary. So much so, that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or, above all, spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, our families, of the families of the world, or even of the religious communities, or even of the life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by praying the Holy Rosary. With the Holy Rosary, we will save ourselves, we will sanctify ourselves, we will console Our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls.

Finally, the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Most Holy Mother, consists in considering Her as the seat of mercy, of goodness, and of pardon, and as the certain door by which we can enter Heaven.

Dear readers: Let us Run To Our Lady and the Holy Rosary!

Our Lady of Fatima - Pray for us!

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