World Meeting of Families? We're Telling Irish Loved Ones and Friends: Don't Go!

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The Crucifixion scene at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland. Given the circumstances, it would be far more appropriate for a period of prayer, penance and reparation to be made.

Although we feel sad that we have to do so, we are nevertheless counselling our Irish loved ones not to attend this week's World Meeting of Families over there in Ireland. Our main reasons for this are as follows:-

1. Reparation Would be More Appropriate

From his consistent refusal to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament, on through the subversive Synods of '14/'15, the creation and application of Amoris Laetitia, and on and on via many other sagas to the most recent catechetical subversions, Francis' entire leadership must by now have done such damage to the Church that only our Heavenly Father could put things right.

It has encouraged untold numbers of sacrilegious communions by adulterers and even Protestants, as well as weakening the institution of marriage per se and countless individual marriages in actuality.

This is to say nothing of the wider damage caused to the Church and to the faithful, or to the general perception and understanding of the papacy, the hierarchy, the priesthood, the sacramental order, the Catechism, the moral life, and even the conception of ethics and right reason.

All of these things would be enough in themselves to require a global movement of prayer and penance.

However, the horrid scandals emerging from Pennsylvania, and so many other places, the dreadful criminal cover-ups which have gone on for decades, together with Francis' belated and lacklustre response to all of this, positively demand it.

Francis has released a letter inviting Catholics to prayer and penance over the abuse crisis. Well, let's see this penance, instead of the ongoing promotion of heresy and sin, begin at this World Meeting of Families in Ireland.

Instead of Francis and compromised-looking figures like Cardinal Kevin Farrell hosting an event like this, it would be better to bring in Archbishop Morlino of Madison to extend his local, and among the present hierarchy all too rare, expressions of honesty and calls to penitence to the whole universal Church.

2. The Sign of Approval Which it Gives

Francis remained largely silent before, during and after Ireland's Referendum on homosexual pairings in 2015 and the Referendum on abortion earlier this year.

If he again fails to communicate effectively a call to repentance to the people of Ireland and the rest of the world, and so far all the indications are that he will continue to do so, then his presence at this World Meeting of Families will be taken by society as a sign of his, at least tacit, approval for the ''new Ireland'' and for the ''new model of family life''.

Indeed, this is happening already.

3. More Amoris...

Whilst the event's officially commissioned triptych icon of the Holy Family is beautiful in itself, and was painted carefully by religious sisters as part of their prayer for families, the fact that it is mounted on a base announcing the legend ''Amoris Laetitia'' will only serve to further the sacrilegious communions and further eroding of marriage and married life, which that writing of Francis has itself massively accelerated.

A disaster of such magnitude needs not the active cooperation, but rather the holy and prayerful resistance, of religious sisters and true Catholics everywhere.

4. The Direct Promotion of LGBT Ideology

The Lumen Fidei Institute has put out an on-line video which warns that Fr. James Martin SJ and Cardinal Christoph Schonborn are to present keynote speeches at the World Meeting of Families.

Lumen Fidei Institute reminds that Martin has really become the ''chief propagandist of LGBT ideology within the Catholic Church''. The institute points out that, as such, Martin tweeted a blasphemous image of Our Blessed Lady; said that Catholics should ''reverence'' homosexual pairings; supports transgenderism, even for children; favours homosexual kissing, even during Holy Mass; called a dissident pro-homosexualist nun a ''saint''; and continues to undermine Catholic teaching with his book, ''Building a Bridge''.

Further to these things, Martin took part, last week, in a homosexualist Quest conference in England, which featured a child's hand being ''walked towards'' by an adult male hand, in its promotional materials.

Lumen Fidei Institute also recalls that, last December, Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna co-hosted a homosexual themed ''prayer service'' in his cathedral, which was followed by an official address by the pop-culture transvestite, Conchita.

Again, the Cardinal's deep involvement with Amoris Laetitia and its obscurations is manifest.

Although it is true that the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics has been refused a stand in the exhibition hall at the World Meeting of Families, the exhibition's co-ordinator has said that this was done because of ''uncertainties over the amount of space'' and other ''logistical considerations''.

That this cannot be taken as a certain defence of Catholic teaching is clear from the statement by the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics themselves. In response to the refusal of their stand at the exhibition, the organization has stated that they hope this is not because of their pro-LGBT stance, and that they hope to have a stand at the next World Meeting of Families. Again, the organization boasts that it has, in any case, succeeded in getting official press credentials to report on the event.

5. What's with the Whirls?

Numerous commentators have drawn attention to the official vestments, which have been chosen for the event...
Obviously, the effeminate overtones have already been much spoken of.

So, too, has the strange swirl logo, which also features in the letter ''o'' in the word ''of'', in the official literature for the World Meeting of Families.

Various people around the world have been asking if the logo is pagan, or even represents ''666''.

I'd make the sign of the cross, and ask for Holy Michael the Archangel to protect your spirituality before perusing this next bit.

You see, funnily enough, we spent a day of intense prayer at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland, in the summer of 2011. When we left that day, we began to spot ''666'' and other occult logos subliminally, and liberally, peppered throughout contemporary culture. For example, and as though we had suddenly become able to discern, we noticed for the first time that there were ''666'' logos and swirls, zeus lightning-bolts, all-seeing-eyes, 5-pointed stars and flowers angled like pentagles, pointed devil tails and infinity signs practically everywhere in our society.

These things showed up, and continue to do so, on adverts, brand logos, patterned clothing, sandals and shoes, watches, greetings cards, food and drink packaging, supermarket signs and many other things.

Once aware of them, it becomes easy to see that these things have been in advertising, and that they have even featured in old black and white movies, for many, many decades.

Here are just a few that we spotted back in 2011... 
If you look more closely at the curly hair of the face above, then you will see what I mean...
That wouldn't be an allusion to the mark of the beast on the forehead and hand in Revelation 13:16-18, now would it?!!!

Weirdly, such an impression was only reinforced by the fact that the pricing on nearby shelves featured ''£6'' listed three times in unison.

Then there were these kid's hammers in a different store...
Is that a ''swirly six'' in the middle of the orange hammer heads? And why are they stacked in threes to make three lots of sixes appear in a row? Is the ''3 for 2'' sign a hidden-in-plain-sight subliminal clue? And is the small image of a hand with writing on the palm another nod to the mark of the beast on forehead and hand again?

How about this crazy-looking pink sheep in Ireland?
Are they two sets of ''swirly six-six-six'' logos?

Or, what about this chocolate sheep in England, one Easter?
Does the eye subliminally direct the attention to the three ''swirly sixes'' and the angled 5-pointed flower?

If you think this is all a bit left-field, then what about the subliminal ''666'' on the side of this chocolate-cake box?
Or how about the three equally spaced ''swirly sixes'' running along the bottom part of this Mother's Day sign. Did you also see the angled 5-pointed flowers just above each of the sixes?
One thing that our sudden awareness of these things throughout contemporary culture eventually led us to discover was that swirling ''6'' patterns were originally found throughout ancient cultures, including the Celtic, Greek and Chinese.

In Celtic culture this is known as the triskelion.

This was an ancient pagan symbol, with thousands of years of history. In Ireland, this would thus be representative of part of the druidic culture.

It appears from our research, that the early Christians in Ireland did incorporate swirl designs into their upright stone carvings, for example at ancient monastic sites.

Eventually, these upright stones were developed into large stone Celtic crosses, which continued for some time to feature many such designs of interlocking swirls. The intricate carving on the stonework is often incredible to look at, in terms of the workmanship and precision. Such was also mirrored in metalwork as that fine craft developed.

However, it looks to me that, gradually, the swirl patterned crosses at monastic sites gave way to actual Crucifix designs, which principally featured Our Blessed Lord as the true focus on the Cross.

Even allowing that the ''666'' meaning might be a little far out, and acknowledging that triskelion swirl patterns are Celtic, and did even feature for some time in early Celtic Christianity, one must ask why a multi-coloured swirl design is deemed suitable to feature in 2018, in an Ireland which is all too sadly returning to its pre-Christian paganism, mingled with a deal of post-modern relativism, on such already un-Catholic looking ''vestments'' for the World Meeting of Families.

After all, St. Patrick drove druidic paganism away from Ireland...

Why not simply use an overtly Catholic symbol? Or more to the point, why not just use traditional Catholic vestments?

Given the stylistic ambiguities, the fact that the three ''6'' swirl pattern will appear also on chalices, to be sold after the event to parishes all across Ireland, is little comfort either.

And while we are on this theme, it is tragic that an officially ''Papal Mass'' will likely only encourage further irreverences toward the Blessed Sacrament, through the use of these flippant logos, such effeminate vestments, false preachers and the invitation to vast crowds to go up to receive Holy Communion, standing and in the hand.

6. Spiritual Dangers

In these days when so much diabolical confusion is all around, I generally counsel people not to attend events where there may be an atmosphere of irreverence, dissent or spiritualities which are not certainly Catholic.

Quite simply, I think that the times are so spiritually dangerous as to always invite caution.

With all the things listed above, I could never recommend such an event to a loved one, or to anyone else who asked my advice.

It makes me sad to say it, for if this had been led by a pope like John Paul II or Benedict XVI, we would likely have done all we could to get there, being as it is so close to loved ones and friends in Ireland. Then again, after all these years attending the Traditional Latin Masses, I think the contemporary approach to ''Papal Masses'' would have itself put us off from going. 

7. There is an alternative!

Last week, I quipped to someone in an e-mail that it has come to something when there has to be an orthodox Catholic event to provide an alternative to the heteredox one being provided officially by the Vatican!

Nevertheless, and may God bless them for doing it, Lumen Fidei Institute are providing just such an alternative. It will feature such loyal Catholic speakers as Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Fr. Thomas Weinandy and a live-link video input from Cardinal Raymond Burke.

If I was to counsel anyone about attending a Catholic conference on the family, this alternative by Lumen Fidei Institute is the one I would heartily recommend.

8. The Mystery of Knock     
The Francis-backed World Meeting of Families is due to commence on the date that Our Lady actually appeared in Ireland, at Knock, on 21st August, way back in 1879. Francis will even lead prayers at the hallowed shrine next Sunday.

We've noted a few times in recent years, in light of the research of Mr. Gregory Johnson at Tradition in Action, that the literally Apocalyptic vision of the Lamb of God, Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist and the Angels appeared at Knock, in perfect silence, at the very time that Our Lady of La Salette, and her shrine, had been granted, and was receiving, a coronation approved papally by Pope Leo XIII.

And, what is more, Our Lady of Knock was looking in the directon of the south-east; in other words in the direction of La Salette and even on beyond to Rome. Surely, there could have been no coincidence in the link between these two heavenly visitations. What was Heaven trying to warn us about?

Given the apocalyptic nature of current events, and the discernable messages contained in the apparitions at Knock and La Salette for those who pray and think, we suggest that this week, Catholics everywhere would do well to spend all their available time praying and drawing close to Our Blessed Lady in prayer, penance and intercession.

To Conclude: Staying with our Irish theme, and given that they are an Irish group originally from Dublin, it seems to us that the name of a song by the Hothouse Flowers might sum things up, in regard to this year's World Meeting of Families.

Now how did that song start now? Oh yes, that was it: Don't Go!

Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland - Pray for us!    

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