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Dear Readers,

It has been hard to post anything up here for a few days, due to my own commitments around here and to the sheer scale of events happening in the Church.

I was in the process of writing a piece to respond to the widespread apostasy of so many bishops and priests, but began to think it was just too negative, and would merely add to all the ''white noise'' of similar information which is emerging all across the globe.

Truly these days appear to be apocalyptic.

Then, we were suddenly broadsided when we read in our weekly free newspaper that another local priest is to go to court; this time over allegations of historical sex offences against children.

Regular readers will recall that Holy Week became a real crucifixion for us here, when the same local paper described the gory details of a court case involving another local priest - a man from the next parish to my parents, who regularly offered the Traditional Latin Mass and who had even blessed our home when we first got married - had been found guilty of visiting internet chat-rooms to view children being sexually abused and of adding comments on them about what he would like to do to children himself. Although we have made an act of the will to forgive this man, it is taking a while for the feelings of forgiveness to catch up. We are so sickened by the sheer gravity of his crimes and of his duplicity. What a grim betrayal it all is of the families in his own pastoral care.

And now we and our neighbours read that a man who served for years as parish priest in this very neighbourhood is now to appear in court relating to accusations of seven cases of indecent assault against two young boys, which are claimed to have happened between 1980 and 1982.

Same deanery, another priest.

My poor parents went regularly to this guy's Mass for several years!

Although that case has yet to be heard, I am just sick and tired of hearing of cardinals, bishops and priests betraying Christ, undermining the faithful and gravely harming the innocent children who they are supposed to be leading to Heaven.

Yesterday morning, I read Steve Skojec's piece at 1 Peter 5, and I could relate very much to what he was saying there. The comments section also revealed once again how so many Catholics all around the world are feeling the same; whilst dissenting post-Catholic Modernists have seized the levers of power and are vigorously attempting to deconstruct the Church while they still have the time.

Every day, the upcoming Amazonian Synod, the Youth Synod and the World Day of Families look more and more like blown-open bridgeheads for the anti-Church to wreak its ''synodal'' havoc. It's like the KGB-handled Medellin Conference has come back on steroids!

Look, when even Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Vatican Bank, is saying, as LifeSiteNews reported this week, that the ''authors of the New World Order demographic collapse'' are influencing the Vatican, then it is beyond time for us all to pay attention and get praying and working to defend the Faith.

Yesterday, I especially felt sad for a guy called Bob from Ohio, who said at 1 Peter 5 that events were causing him mental anguish, due to the evils in the Church, the impossibility for him to reach a Traditional Latin Mass and the errors he has to put up with in his own local parish.

For everyone who is suffering with Christ in His Passion through all of this - and what a grace that is, when you stop to think about it - then what follows is written by way of an encouragement to you. Yes, to all friends in Christ who read this, all those who Our Blessed Lord has chosen to go through this night with Him, in ways and for reasons which we may not understand, in order to be part of the glorious Triumph of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

In the depths of spiritual struggle yesterday morning, quite out of the blue, I received a sudden realization that Heaven Knows!

With a renewed sense of understanding, I grasped once more that Heaven not only knows everything that is going on, but is ultimately going to draw a greater good from it, than you or I can even imagine.

In short, God intimately knows each and all of us and what we are enduring right now, for love of Him and His holy Church.

Emmanuel, God is with us: in our fears for the salvation of children and family members; anxieties about whether or not we ourselves will persevere in the Faith; concern that one's sacramental and prayer life seem to be under massive and sustained attack; at times herculean efforts to get to a regular Traditional Latin Mass; or distress that one cannot do so; frustration and even anger about what is happening to the Church and to society; the grim realization that so many people have not only now moved beyond faith in God, but even beyond any kind of rational discourse on matters of nature and morality; horrible feelings of futility; and financial and social pressures encountered in trying to remain faithful.

Yes, Our Lord Jesus Christ is with us in all of these things. We are safe with the Most Holy Trinity, with Our Blessed Lady, with Holy Michael and all the angels and saints; even if it does not feel like it.

God has got this.

So many people are speaking of such concerns in the comments of traditional websites, that it becomes clear that Our Lord is permitting this huge trial to test, purify and even increase His faithful remnant.

To suffer these things is truly a great grace; because it proves we are on the side of Christ and reveals who we really are in our depths.

May we never forget that it is because of God's grace that we believe in the first place. That shows a great deal of goodness from Him toward each of us to begin with. We have to learn to trust that He will bring to fruition and completion the good work that He has begun in us.

I think it also reveals that the enemy are working a general strategy to wear down the faithful.

This is where, after the Sacraments received worthily and with love, daily thanksgiving, regular reading of good spiritual content and times of silent prayer with Sacred Scripture are all important means to survive.

A verse which can also be particularly helpful is actually 1 Peter 5:9: ''Whom resist ye, strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world.''

And so yesterday, that sense of Heaven Knows, having broken in on me like a sunburst on a dismal day, remained with me throughout the afternoon. Even though strange spiritual attacks seemed to continue... I'm sure many of you are going through this.

Later that day, again quite unexpectedly, we found ourselves spending an hour in the company of two holy old priests who I have known for around two decades.

Aside from the various Traditional priests now working in this region, these men could be said to represent the very last of a line of priests who one still used to meet with about twenty years ago: men who grew up before the world went totally crazy; whose homes were secure and filled with faith; whose school education happened before the ''changes''; and whose seminary formation, though becoming shaky, took place largely before those changes wreaked their total devastation there.

As I say, twenty years ago, one still met priests of this sort offering Mass reverently, spreading devotion to Our Lady, praying the Rosary faithfully, caring for souls, spreading the faith and wearing their Roman collars and deepest black clerical attire as a matter of course.

There are a handful of younger clergy with many of these good qualities and the same overall intentions but, like you and me, they have grown up in the midst of the present culture and have gone through school and seminary education in the present era. That has taken its toll on all of us in our development.

Anyway, the two priests we were with yesterday represent, pretty much, the last of their generation. Certainly, of those that I know personally.

And, unexpectedly, there we were as a family spending an hour with them yesterday.

One of them, who has been further tested in the furnace of suffering of late, has spoken to me a few times over the years of one of his former mentors - the late, great convert priest, Fr. Hugh Thwaites. Father has described, in the past, how it was obvious that Fr. Thwaites was holy, because his eyes often sparkled with a love that could only be God's Love.
The late, holy and inspirational Fr. Hugh Thwaites SJ. We met him twice over the years; it was our priest friend's good blessing to have had him as a mentor.

Now, although this priest I was with yesterday has looked increasingly holy for several years now, something happened yesterday that I have never seen before in him.

Or, indeed, in anyone else for that matter.

Whilst I was speaking to him yesterday, I suddenly saw something more than Father in his eyes.

It was as though he was reading my soul; so deeply did he look into it. But it was also as though he were not really focused on me at all. His eyes were sparkling like an innocent baby bird, but seemed also to perceive the very depths of reality. It was as though Christ were loving my soul through him. And, at once, it was as though Father was gazing at God to such an extent that the mess that is my soul was being seen only in the light of that mysterious sight. It was not judgement, not searing in that manner, and yet it was as though Christ Himself were there... Well, I cannot find the words here.

All that can be said is that Father seemed to be, just for a minute, more in the next world than in this. And it gave me great peace to encounter it.

And then it clicked into place again: Heaven Knows!

Yes, God is with us.

Aside from that experience yesterday, just being with those two old-boy priests felt like it did years ago, before 2013, to be a Catholic.

I guess we are all fed up to the back teeth of hearing of clerical apostasy, heresy, sacrilege, blasphemy, sexual immorality, abuse of minors and general worldy indifference. Even more are we troubled by the attempted deconstruction of our holy religion from those who have seized the heights of power.

We're also sick of seeing the smiling indifference of the bright-coated majority, who will traipse off to things like the World Day of Families to hear radical homosexualists like ''Fr.'' James Martin S.J., as though these men were paragons of Catholic virtue.

Yesterday, I was reminded of why I am a Catholic.

Firstly, because of Jesus - Our Blessed Lord Who remains night and day, often at the sullied hands of traitorous clergy, in the Tabernacles of our churches, simply because He is LOVE Itself.

Pure Love.

Totally LOVE.

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

He Who IS.

In the presence of those old priests and my family yesterday, it felt again like those days before Francis, when one had that feeling of rose-garden security that, no matter how messed up you were, no matter how bad your own diocese or parish was, no matter how evil the world was getting, that at least the Church was your rock.

How often one used to feel that years ago. How comforting it was.

All of us have felt like that.

And yet, now we have only brambles and thorns in its stead.

Friends, this shows we are with Christ. Did we really think such encouraging candy was forever? Sweeties are for children or beginners; hard bread is what we need to nourish us and get us to Heaven. This isn't Santa's Grotto!

One could not have drawn near to Christ, without His thorn-crowned Head piercing into our own. That is the price of loving the Crucified.

The Catholic Church was, is and ever shall be the Rock, the One, True, Church which Christ founded for the salvation and sanctification of souls until the end of time.

And against that Church, the Gates of Hell shall NOT prevail.

So, don't let's hear any of this tosh about how individuals have come to discern that the whole Gregorian reform was a mistake, or how defining papal infallibility was an error, or how Greek or Russian Orthodoxy is the answer.

We are Catholics! The enemy has invaded our position and is taking no prisoners.

Stay with Christ, man up and hold the line. This is a war, not an outing to pick daisy chains.

We have an enemy that is Hate itself, that hates us. On the other hand, we have a Lord Who is LOVE, Who loves us. That is why love of our temporal enemies is so essential. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, Christ's is a love costing no less than everything. And in that price, is our peace.

Make no mistake, at some point, Our Lord is going to call time and pull the rug from beneath these feverish money changers who have sullied His Temple.

In the meantime, He is extending a Crucified Hand and asking us to take hold. We cannot be surprised that His nails will pierce us, or that the shadow of His Cross will fall upon us, if we do so.

Dear friends, 

Heaven Knows!

Yesterday, I was reminded of this.

Today, you have been too.

Keep the Faith, friends in Christ!          
And let's stay close to Our Heavenly Mother, who cares more than you know. 

Our Lady of Victories - Pray for us!

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