Young UK Catholics Make Statement of Support for Humanae Vitae

Torch of The Faith News on Wednesday 11 July 2018 - 13:02:13 | by admin

It was encouraging to learn of the 200 young Catholics, among whom were several married couples, who had signed up to a letter to the Catholic Herald, in support of Humanae Vitae.

An initiative of Michael and Elizabeth Wee, themselves a young married couple, the letter marks another important landmark in this 50th anniversary year of the promulgation of Humanae Vitae. Many readers might recognise the name of Michael Wee, as he is the education officer at the Anscombe Bioethics Centre at Oxford University. Although there was an upper age limit of 35 for those able to sign up to this particular letter, the signatures gathered for it represent young Catholic adults from all over the UK.

And so, in response to a modernistic letter in the Herald, which, in ignorance of the observably prophetic nature of the encyclical, had suggested that Humanae Vitae had somehow failed to engage with social change, the Catholic letter read:

It has been suggested that Catholic teaching on contraception has ''failed to engage with social change'' (Letter, June 22). Yet one must not confuse being unfashionable with being untrue.

Living out chastity is countercultural and difficult, but rewarding for relationships.

It reminds us how the person to whom we are attracted is not a thing to be used, but an equal to be loved, honoured and treated with reverence. The philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe rightly observed that ''in this contraceptive day'', however, sex becomes seen as ''no more than a sort of extreme kiss, which it might be rather rude to refuse.''

At the heart of chastity is the simple yet revolutionary idea that we are made for love, and our sexuality has been given to us in order to fulfil this call. Hence, as Pope Francis puts it, ''The image of God is the married couple.'' Sex can never be truly casual, because it is so inherently filled with meaning - namely, the mutual love of the couple and openness to new life. That is why respecting the integrity of the sexual act matters. It is in allowing sex to convey its full meaning that we can give oneself to one's spouse completely in love.

As young lay Catholics living in Britain who find this teaching on sexuality beautiful and prophetic, we therefore wish to affirm the relevance of Humanae Vitae for our generation - and indeed for generations to come.

It is heartening to witness another generation of young Catholics responding to God's grace in the gift and challenge of chastity; and stepping up to the plate to articulate a defence of chaste love for the people of these times.

May God bless them for it. 

I mean, when you consider all the theological dissent, unchaste rebellion, false teaching and modernistic educational systems, that have so conspired to damage the Church during these last five decades, these guys are nothing short of a theological miracle! It just goes to show the everlasting appeal of the truth.

As Pope Benedict XVI said when presenting a prayer for the youth of Italy, in St. Peter's Basilica, in February 2007: ''The Church is alive and full of youth!''  

May the Holy Family - Pray for us!

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