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1. All Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast
The next generation of young pro-lifers lead from the front at the start of Saturday's All Ireland Rally for Life, at Stormont in Belfast.

Thousands of pro-lifers made the best of the continuing heat wave on Saturday, to join the All Ireland Rally for Life at Stormont's Parliament Buildings in Belfast.

The key message of the lastest rally in Northern Ireland was to tell the Government and the rest of the world that the remaining 6 counties certainly will NOT be next in accepting abortion.

Indeed, the sending of that central message provided an opportunity for the staging of a neat bit of parody.

You'll likely remember that disturbing moment when the pro-abortion mob was ''celebrating'' the defeat of the pro-life 8th Amendment in Dublin. In the midst of that dreadful spectacle, Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill and Mary Lou McDonald had triumphantly held aloft an improvised cardboard sign announcing, The North is Next.

Well, this time around, in Belfast, Precious Life's Bernadette Smyth and the Life Institute's Niamh Ui Bhriain stood together with similar-looking signs, which instead proclaimed the following counter message...     
I must say, women look far more naturally feminine defending babies, than celebrating the advance of abortion and the uncharitable death culture.

It was also heartening to see Belfast's courageous Fr. Patrick McCafferty standing up as a keynote speaker at Saturday's event.

Fr. McCafferty had already been in the media, because he had warned that those who had voted to bring in abortion to the Republic of Ireland had committed a grave sin; thus endangering their immortal souls and requiring repentance and sacramental absolution. He had also noted that such people could no longer consider themselves as Catholics. Father had also vowed to stand and pray and witness outside of abortuaries in order to strive to persuade people not to kill their children.  
As ever with these events, it is always encouraging to see another generation of young people, especially those who may be called to be mothers themselves someday, standing up to defend and build a Culture of Life.
If you look closely at this next picture below, there is a lady in a red-coloured top, close to the right hand edge of the image, who looks to be praying.

This is a reminder to us all that the pro-life struggle is, at heart, a spiritual battle; which can thus only be defeated by primarily spiritual means, from and to which all true pro-life activism needs to flow. 
In that sense, it was good to see that Saturday's event included a Mass for the Catholic attendees at 12 noon. It is also good to see so many folks over there standing up for life, and listening to good quality pro-life speakers.

Please keep Northern Ireland in your prayers, so that the province can remain abortion free and so that babies can live and grow there in peace.

2. Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage - St. Winefride's Well.

Do please take a look at Mr. Kevin Jones' splendid collection of photographs from the recent annual pilgrimage of the Latin Mass Society to St. Winefride's Well in Holywell, North Wales. Again, my placing up of these pictures here does not in any way mean that Mr. Jones, the LMS, or for that matter anyone else featured in this piece, in any way shares in my far-out, boat-rocking and outspoken views! No, these are good people who get on with the job in hand - doing their level best to ensure provision of the Traditional Latin Mass in their localities and praying faithfully for the Church and for souls in these times.
As ever, the annual event was focused on the Traditional Latin Mass offered in the fine St. Winefride's church in the town. This was another year that we could not get to Holywell and it has been helpful for us to be able to view such good pictures of the event. I reckon that Mr. Jones should take up professional photography! I am going to try and get a working link going to the LMS Wrexham site on our links page ASAP.
Some of the ICKSP's Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus, together with the Schola Gregoriana Malverniensis, provided the music for Holy Mass. It is so heartening for Catholics to see such traditional religious sisters helping to provide worthy liturgical worship like this.

The good priests of the ICKSP led the day with the offering of the Traditional Latin Mass, followed by a procession to St. Winefride's ancient Holy Well to venerate the sacred relic of the great saint.     
Dominus meus, et Deus meus!
St. Winefride's is a bright and beautiful church and a worthy setting for the celebration of Holy Mass.
The procession then led from the church and down to the Holy Well; with various diocesan and religious priests leading the people in praying the Holy Rosary.
Veneration of St. Winefride's relic followed at the well side, in the 16th-Century, Late Perpendicular Gothic chapel.
If you ever get chance to go to St. Winefride's Well, and we highly recommend that you do, this is a marvellous place to kneel and pray the Litany of St. Winefride; which is posted up at the foot of the graceful statue of the saint.
Please pray to St. Winefride today for a restoration of chastity in our culture and for the work of the LMS - especially there in Wrexham.

3. Traditional Ordinations 
Just staying with Mr. Jones' website for a moment, do also take a look at his splendid set of pictures from the recent ICKSP ordinations in the Tuscan city of Florence.
His Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke was in the beautiful church of Ss Michael and Cajetan, to ordain four deacons to the sacred priesthood for the ICKSP.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordelione of San Francisco was also in the ancient city to ordain five men as deacons and fourteen as sub-deacons in the traditional rite. 
It has been another good year for traditional ordinations and, if I am doing my sums right (I get a slightly different number than, say, the figures quoted in The Remnant), there have been, or will be by summer's end, 16 new priests for the FSSP, 8 for the ICKSP, 4 for the Institute of the Good Shepherd, and also some 16 for the SSPX. Indeed, last week, 1 Peter 5 reported that 20% of the ordinations in France this year were traditional ordinations.

Although in global terms these remain rather small numbers overall, they do still demonstrate the power of the traditional rite to generate life in the Church, when tradition is not persecuted or otherwise restricted. That is not rocket science, of course, as this was always the Mass of Ages!

Please keep all those men in your prayers to be good, faithful and holy priests.

4. FSSP Ordination in the Archdiocese of Liverpool  
One of the great things in these times has been Archbishop Malcolm McMahon's establishment of the FSSP church of St. Mary's in the town of Warrington. That beautiful church has seen ordinations in the traditonal rite now for two summers in a row. Last year's, was actually the first in the Traditional Rite in these lands since the liturgical changes took place decades ago.

Please do pray for Fr. Seth Phipps who was ordained there recently, and for all the FSSP priests who are caring for souls over there in Warrington. The FSSP now have a total of 8 priests serving in the UK. Don't forget to watch their daily Masses via LiveMass. There are also some great presentations on-line, which have been used in the Liverpool Archdiocese in preparation for the upcoming Adoremus - National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress, which will take place in Liverpool this September. The videos of these can also be viewed at LiveMass and include clear and solid teachings on such key themes as: Transubstantiation; Concomitance; Fragments; and Presence. Don't miss out on viewing these, wherever you are! 

5. Local Feast of Ss Thomas More and John Fisher 
Today is marked locally in England and Wales, as a local feast for the celebration of Ss Thomas More and John Fisher; those heroes of the Faith who died in defence of the truths and rights of the Church, the truths of an upright conscience and the truths of holy matrimony.

Please ask these great saints to intercede for our nation - I think you'll agree that we certainly need their prayers in these days!

Ss Thomas More and John Fisher - Pray for us!

There are many good things still happening - Keep the Faith - Y'all!!!

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