Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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Matthew 28:6: He is Risen, as He said!

We wish a blessed and grace-filled Easter to all our readers!

I managed to get over to the ICKSP Shrine Church of Ss Peter, Paul and Philomena in New Brighton for their splendid Easter vigil last night. The three young priests, the M.C., the servers, musicians, ''fire warden'' and all those who worked quietly behind the scenes did a marvellous job.

As ever, it was good to be there and to see so many of the faithful at Holy Mass to celebrate Easter. It is great to see so many young adults becoming immersed in the Sacred Tradition of the Church.

Thank you to those good people who spoke to me with kindness in the porch. Thanks too, to those who helped Angie with Mum there on Good Friday, whilst I fetched the car to the church door in the downpour. It was real Good Friday weather!

It was also very heartening to see that two more folks were being received into the Catholic Church at the end of last night's Vigil. Alas, I had to dart off to get back home to assist Angie, who was home helping Mum, so I could not stay to witness this or stop to chat with friends. Anyway, Happy Easter to you! We also pray that God will richly bless and keep safe those happy neophytes.

For readers everywhere, there follows one more meditation from the writings of St. Alphonsus de Liguori. It is taken from his encouraging selection of Meditations on Paradise, for the Easter Festival.
A picture of a Traditional Easter Vigil in Poland, which we came across recently at the St. Peter's List site.

The Joys of Heaven

Oh, happy are we if we suffer with patience on earth the troubles of this present life! Distress of circumstances, fears, bodily infirmities, persecutions and crosses of every kind, will one day come to an end; and if we be saved, they will all become for us subjects of joy and glory in paradise: Your sorrow (says the Saviour, to encourage us) shall be turned into joy (John 16:20).

So great are the delights of Paradise, that they can neither be explained nor understood by us mortals: Eye hath not seen (says the Apostle, St. Paul), nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for those who love Him (1 Cor 2:9).

Beauties like the beauties of paradise, eye hath never seen; harmonies like unto the harmonies of Paradise, ear hath never heard; nor hath ever human heart gained a comprehension of the joys which God hath prepared for those who love Him.

Beautiful is the sight of a landscape adorned with hills, plains, woods, and views of the sea. Beautiful is the sight of a garden abounding with fruit, flowers, and fountains. Oh, how much more beautiful is paradise!

On this Easter Sunday 2017, we pray that God will richly bless all who read these words. Thank you for coming on here to read each day. Keep the Faith, and maintain your joy in the Risen Lord through prayer and praise each day - it will all be worth it in the end!

'Tis time for the opening of the chocolates!!!

A Happy and Holy Easter to You from Alan, Angeline and Doreen!

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