A Good Friday Meditation

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Jesus Upon the Cross - from a Good Friday Meditation by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Jesus from the Cross, asks us not so much for our compassion as for our love; and, if even He does ask our compassion, He asks it solely in order that the compassion may move us to love Him. As being infinite goodness, He already merits all our love; but when placed upon the Cross, it seems as if He sought for us to love Him, at least out of compassion.

Ah, my Jesus, and who is there that will not love Thee, while confessing Thee to be the God that Thou art, and contemplating Thee upon the Cross?

Oh, what arrows of fire dost Thou not dart at souls from that throne of love! Oh, how many hearts hast Thou not drawn to Thyself from that Cross of Thine!

O wounds of Jesus! O beautiful furnaces of love! Admit me, too, amongst yourselves to burn, not indeed with that fire of Hell which I have deserved, but with holy flames of love for that God Who has been willing to die for me, consumed by torments.

O my dear Redeemer! Receive back a sinner, who, sorrowing for having offended Thee, is now earnestly longing to love Thee.

I love Thee, I love Thee, O infinite goodness, O infinite love. O Mary, O Mother of beautiful love! Obtain for me a greater measure of love, to consume me for that God Who has died consumed of love for me.

Let us open our hearts and pray earnestly to receive the abundant graces, which Our Crucified Saviour pours out from His Wounded Heart today.

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