A Blessed Feast of St. Patrick to Our Readers!

Torch of The Faith News on Friday 17 March 2017 - 12:06:41 | by admin

We wish a blessed feast of St. Patrick to Angeline's Irish parents and relatives, together with all Irish and Irish-descended readers around the world! We especially express our gratitude to readers who so faithfully visit this blog from Ireland.

We know things can be very tough for orthodox Catholics living these days in an increasingly secularized and post-modern Ireland. May God increase His grace in you, as you keep the Light of Christ's True Faith shining there in God's Own Country!

A Thought-Provoking Reflection on St. Patrick from the Classical, Butler's Lives of the Saints

The apostles of nations were all interior men, endowed with a sublime spirit of prayer. The salvation of souls being a supernatural end, the instruments ought to bear a proportion to it, and preaching proceed from a grace which is supernatural.

To undertake this holy function without a competent stock of sacred learning, and without the necessary precautions of human prudence and industry, would be to tempt God. But sanctity of life and the union of the heart with God are a qualification far more essential than science, eloquence, and human talents.

St. Patrick and other apostolic men were dead to themselves and the world, and animated with the spirit of perfect charity and humility, by which they were prepared by God to be such powerful instruments of His grace, as, by the miraculous change of so many hearts, to plant in entire barbarous nations not only the Faith, but also the spirit of Christ.

Preachers who have not attained to disengagement and purity of heart suffer the petty interests of self-love secretly to mingle themselves in their zeal and charity, and have reason to suspect that they inflict deeper wounds in their own souls than they are aware, and produce not in others the good which they imagine.

May Our Blessed Lord purify our hearts more and more to make us into His faithful witnesses.

May He help us to celebrate this feast in a manner which is pleasing to God, good for our souls and edifying to those around us.

And May God grant many graces and blessings to our readers on this glorious Feast of St. Patrick.

St. Patrick - Pray for us! 

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