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Don't Go!, Get Ready to Go!, or just plain Go!?: If Cardinal Muller were a traffic cop, would he see no danger in the above scenario? 

I'm afraid that our website does not permit the displaying of umlauts in our rendition of Cardinal Muller's name. Given the circumstances, I should think that is the least of everyone's worries...

The world of Catholic media was abuzz yesterday with the tragic news that Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, present head of the CDF, claims to see ''no danger to the Faith'' in the ambiguous content of Amoris Laetitia. And this in spite of the fact that, under his leadership, the CDF had requested a raft of 20-pages worth of corrections - all of which were arrogantly ignored - prior to that document's release by Pope Francis!

If Cardinal Muller were a traffic-cop, would he see no inherent danger if all the traffic lights on his beat suddenly registered Don't Go!, Get Ready to Go!, and just plain Go! all at the same moment? And would his refusal to see danger be convincing, if he had only recently been speaking out on the need for reliable and clear traffic-lights?

At the very least, his inaction will now add inexorably to the chaotic backlog of moral confusion, which has been so dramatically escalated by the actions, words and writings of Pope Francis. In spiritual terms, and sticking with our traffic-light motif, the Church and world are becoming increasingly gridlocked in a chaos of Italian Job proportions...

Perhaps The Wanderer's link to the story at 1 Peter 5 says it all with the title, Muller Caves. As Christopher Ferrara reflects over at Fatima Perspectives, ''What a sad day for the Church when the very head of its doctrinal congregation blinds himself to what is perhaps, as Bishop Athanasius Schneider has observed, the greatest doctrinal crisis since the Arian heresy.''

Whilst, like many other people, we have been encouraged by several of the faithful-sounding interviews and writings released by Cardinal Muller in recent months, I'll be honest and tell you that we have never really held him up as any kind of great white hope for orthodoxy.

Not since he donned a Peruvian poncho and welcomed Gustavo Gutierrez, the notorious ''father'' of Liberation Theology, to the CDF's Vatican office just three days after being elevated, by Pope Francis, to the College of Cardinals in February 2014...
The garb of the Liberation Theologian: They're all wearing them in Rome this year...

Notwithstanding the correctives and warnings issued against him during the days of Popes St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the leftist Gutierrez was in Rome to help launch Muller's latest book, Poor for the Poor - The Mission of the Church.

That newly released book not only featured two chapters written by Gutierrez, but even boasted a preface by Pope Francis. At the time, Tradition in Action reported that Francis' preface was notable for expressing a frontal denial of the right of private property and indirectly, but clearly, endorsing Liberation Theology. In the press conference that followed the book launch, both Muller and Gutierrez spoke firmly in favour of Liberation Theology.

As troubling as it was to witness Francis and his head of the CDF co-writing books with formerly censured radicals like Gutierrez, this was nothing compared to Muller's seemingly effective denial of the Virgin Birth in his book, Catholic Dogmatic - For the Study and Practice of Theology.

Quite frankly, in more sane times, a man like Muller would not only not be heading the CDF, but would be being ordered by it to provide clarifications over his own writings!

On top of these grave theological concerns, Cardinal Muller has also given serious cause for concern in pastoral matters by appearing in a smiley World Youth Day photograph with his arms around two unchastely dressed young women; one of whom sported a green punk hair-do in the shaven and spiked Mohawk style.

However, this is not such a grave concern as the fact that, after a period of supervised probation, Muller reinstated the child sex-abusing priest Fr. Peter Kramer to a parish; without requiring him to avoid local youths, informing the local population or parents of Kramer's crimes, or ordering him to be kept under monitored supervision. Predictably, Kramer went on to abuse again in this new location until he was arrested and sent for three years to a state-run psychiatric facility.

In spite of this scandalous matter, and whilst the boys and their families suffered grave spiritual and psychological damage, Muller was elevated to the CDF and made an Archbishop.

These promotions were given by Pope Benedict XVI. The subsequent promotion to the College of Cardinals was made by Francis.

Alas, disappointing as it is to see Cardinal Muller now ''caving'' to Francis - to use the expression in The Wanderer's headline - we cannot say that it is really surprising...

Please join us at 3pm each day in praying for Pope Francis to repent of the confusing damage he has caused to souls; and to save his own soul, and the souls of countless others, by clearly defending the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.

Our Lady of Fatima - Pray for us!

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