The Faith, The Family, The Future

Torch of The Faith News on Monday 27 October 2008 - 13:43:55 | by admin

faith_family_future_011.jpgWe've just returned from a blessed and uplifting weekend at The Faith, The Family and The Future conference held near St. Albans at the All Saints Pastoral Centre.

The Treloar family deserve special mention for all their enthusiasm, hard work, team effort and humility in pulling together this great work for the Lord. Many others gave of their time and gifts to make this both a very positive conference and deeply prayerful retreat. Clare Underwood and her family are also to be thanked for their sacrifice of time, for behind the scenes work and for organizing rooms, registration lists and getting name badges united to people!

The whole weekend provided a good opportunity to meet with couples, families, priests and religious who have accepted God's gift and offering to work with His Grace in trying to cooperate with His Universal Call to Holiness. 

Goodness, beauty and truth flowed through the various aspects from the Source and Summit of the daily Holy Mass, through the majestic Benedictions and hours of Adoration, to the opportunities for Confession and private prayer, to the excellent speakers, the family fun activities and the many hope filled conversations and chats over tasty meals and piping cups of coffee.

Overall we were struck by the hope for the future supported by people whose experiences, social and cultural backgrounds, and ways of living out the Christian life were diverse and yet unified around a central desire to follow Christ and the authentic teachings of His Church and to re-evangelise Britain whilst building the Civilization of Love.

We thank the Lord that we could have been a small part of all of this and look forward to future events.

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